Meeting Agenda: August 11, 2016

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  • Minutes Review
  • Events Planning
    • FraserFest for the Rivershed Society bike ride Vancouver-North Shore ride on August 28
    • HUB Members Picnic on Sunday, August 21, 10 - 1:00 Fiona leading ride from the North Shore to party which starts at 10:00
    • Coho Festival
  • Review of past and planning for upcoming events
    • Movies in the Plaza August 19th - will feature short films on active transportation and we will be there with a booth
    • We will participate in Car Free Day now called Fun City - yes! we got a discounted rate.
    • Passion bike event next summer ( which is a family event at sunrise.
  • Webinar or Learning Opportunity Updates
  • Municipalities
    • CNV Update (10 min)
      • Spirit Trail tunnel- engineering plans are underway.
      • East Keith and Grand Boulevard - construction was scheduled to begin in July, with completion expected in December, 2016.
      • Delegation to Council on AAA bike lanes - planned for October 3.
    • DNV Update
      • Maplewood Village stakeholder workshop - We should see how it merges with Spirit Trial and bike master Plan.
      • DNV Public Library bike racks- Tony met with Andrea Freeman of NVPL and the goal is to have a bike repair station with HUB support / TransLink bike rack guidelines. Goal is to secure funding and support them to build a community HUB at NVPL
      • Antje and Tony met with DNV staff about protected bike lanes on Lynn Valley Road - stantion types (Cyclozone and plans for the road were discussed.
    • DWV Update
      • Update on 25 July council meeting which will discuss the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape Plan which could impact the proposed route on royal Avenue.