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This page shows videos taken during assessment rides and is an attempt to document cycling trouble spots and success stories in the TriCities.

United Boulevard multi-use path proposal: Brigantine to King Edward

Possible route for bike path to gap the missing link between Central Valley Greenway and Port Mann region.

Maryhill bypass off-road path

Location south side of bypass

Colony Farms water pipeline

Future route of mixed use path along western boundary of Colony Farms.

Braid Skytrain to Port Mann Bridge via United Bldvd

Still lots of work to be done in New Westminster and Coquitlam. As of 11 October 2015.

Port Mann-Macquabeak

New gravel path/. 11-Oct-2015

Colony farm to Port Mann bridge multi-use path

How to get from Colony Farm to Port Mann Bridge multi-use path as of 10 July 2015. This trail was off limits during bridge construction but is now open.

PMH1 off ramp,north side (Coquitlam)

View going north bound,entering Coquitlam. Note complete lack of signs.

Signs should indicate:

1. Left: Lougheed bike lane (to Vancouver)

2. Straight: Maryhill Bypass (to Port Coquitlam)

3. Right: United Blvd(to New Westminster)

United to Lougheed westbound connector path

New one way path connecting from PM bridge at Maryhill and United to westbound Lougheed highway. Baffles need to go. As of April 2015

Maquabeak Park access trail

Temporary access trail through construction site as of April 2015. Soon this should connect to PoCo trail and also to new Water pipeline trail to Colony Farms road.

United Boulevard, northbound to Lougheed Highway

This shows the state of the shoulder northbound along United Boulevard from Mary Hill Bypass to Lougheed Highway eastbound on-ramp. New Port Mann Bridge bike lanes connect to this shoulder, which is clearly far too narrow to be safely used as a bike lane. Also, there is a considerable amount of debris on this shoulder (gravel, rocks, glass, and large nails). Video starts at Golden Avenue. Taken March 21, 2015.

Coquitlam River Bridge to United Blvd

This shows a significant problem with cyclist access to the new bike lane on the Maryhill bypass west of the Coquitlam River bridge. The bridge shoulder width is less than one meter and therefore unsafe for use by cyclists. Recommended fix: move road lanes over 1m to the south, and route cyclists/peds on the MUP on the south side. Video was taken while travelling westbound from Port Coquitlam side. Taken March 21, 2015.

CPR-tracks opposite United Blvd

Proposed location of preferred United Blvd CVG extension.

Port Mann Bridge: Connector Lougheed-United Blvd connector

This new bike line takes cyclists eastbound on Lougheed up a dedicated ramp and places them on a shoulder with traffic exiting Highway 1. The bike lane ends at United Blvd.

Como Creek path south of United Blvd

Heading south on multi use path along Como Creek. (January2015)

Maryhill Bypass old train tunnel

Heading north along the eastern perimeter of the PMH1 construction site. This is an old train tunnel that should form part of a new Metro Van watermain trail. (January 2015)

United Blvd sidewalks

Heading eastbound on the north side between King Edward and Brigantine. The question is, can this be used as a temporary gap connector between PM bridge and CVG? (November 2014)

Port Mann bridge south bound on ramp

Starting at United and Mary Hill, as of 15 Feb 2015

Bailey Bridge

New Westminster/Coquitlam Bailey Bridge

As of 12 Apr 2015:

As of 14 Feb 2015:


Approaching westbound:

Approaching eastbound,old lane markings:

Approaching eastbound,updated lane markings (fall 2014):


Lougheed highway westbound at United Blvd:

Lougheed-Pitt River Road

Intersection of Pitt River Road and Lougheed Highway:

Updated 12 April 2015:the post has been relocated:

Original configuration:

Lougheed-Colony Farms Road

Eastbound on Lougheed, approaching Colony Farms road:

Views of new Lougheed bike lanes: (PMH1 jurisdiction)


Pitt River Bridge:

Switchbacks on bike lane (cycling west):