HUB Delta Inspection Ride Reports

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See HUB Delta #UngapTheMap priority list for most recent work.

2018 File:North Delta Cycling Report 2018.pdf

The following report is under review, to determine all updates.


File:Draft Road Review - 53A St Tsawwassen - Delta HUB May 27 2017.pdf 53A Street continues to be an effective alternative route to 56 St for Winskill community access and shopping mall / library access. The above file details appropriate upgrades.



Essential reports were created by dedicated individuals during 2014 and 2015. These have been referred to consistently and inform our meetings with stakeholders and our Delta Priority List which is regularly updated.

File:Tsawwassen to North Delta via Tilbury Industry Park as an alternative to Hwy 17 (SFPR).pdf

File:47a River Rd W report.pdf