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MoTI Business Case submission

File:Hwy 17 Through TFN Business Case to MoTI GBHW July 2021.pdf

File:May 2021 Business Case to MoTI for Tsawwassen Ferry Hwy 17.pdf

Referenced news release (Boardwalk opened 2016) ... The multi-use path will connect the Tsawwassen First Nation with the BC Ferries terminal,...

File:2015.09.10-BikeBC Boardwalk to Tsawwassen Ferry news release.pdf

File:Mar 2021 Business Case Deltaport Transportation Corridor Crossing GBHW.pdf

GBHW regional map, ref. to Deltaport Transportation Corridor barrier

File:Salish Sea Circle Deltaport Gap.pdf


October, 2020

File:GBHW presentation for MoTI meeting October 14 2020.pdf

File:GBHW presentation for Port meeting October 9 2020.pdf

June, 2020 Bike Ride

File:GBHW Debriefing Video Conference July 7 2020 .pdf

File:HUB Tsawwassen Delta GBHW bike ride Sunday June 28.pdf

May, 2020 Extra Maps

File:GBHW TFN breakwater to Canoe Pass illustrated map.pdf

March 12, 2020 Letter to Chief Ken Baird, TFN

File:Letter to Chief Ken Baird March 12 2020.pdf

Report for meeting with Chief and Council, March 3, 2020

File:GBHW Report March 3, 2020.pdf


December 16, 2019 Letter to Chief Ken Baird, TFN

File:Letter to Chief Ken Baird Dec 16 2019.pdf

December 10, 2019 meeting notes

File:GBHW Team Meeting Notes from December 10, 2019.pdf

Illustrated map, TFN Breakwater north to Canoe Pass

File:GBHW TFN breakwater to Canoe Pass illustrated map.pdf

August 15 follow-up letter to Chief Ken Baird, TFN

File:Letter to Chief Ken Baird.pdf

August 13 Meeting Notes

File:SUBCOMMITTEE NOTES Draft GBHW Aug 13 2019.pdf

August 13 Agenda

File:August 13 Agenda HUB Delta GBHW sub-committee .pdf

Annotated GBHW route map for Delta

File:GBHW Delta route map only.pdf

GBHW Route Map, Léon LeBrun, July 9, 2019

Route Map through Delta

File:Route Map from GBHW Elder Ruth Adams slide presentation.pdf

JUNE 18, 2019 PRESENTATION by Elder Ruth Adams at the BC Active Transportation Summit

File:GBHW Elder Ruth Adams slide presentation sm.pdf

Letter to Minister (MoTI) from Trails BC and Arbutus Greenway Improvements Society (AGIS)

File:D Grigg L Lebrun Letter To The Honourable Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rev 01.pdf

Photos of route barriers near railway crossing at the Port

File:Great Blue Heron Way Delta route photos.pdf

NEW Vision Statement

File:GBHWVision byRuthAdams.pdf

February 5, 2019 Meeting Notes

File:SUBCOMMITTEE NOTES Draft GBHW Feb 5 2019.pdf


Railway barrier

File:24 Oct 2018 Overcoming the railroad tracks at Deltaport TrailsBC.pdf


File:City of Delta Deltaport Way 27B Avenue Pedestrian Overpass.pdf

2016 and 2015

Funded bike infrastructure (The boardwalk connect to breakwater was officially opened Sept 23, 2016)

File:2015TRAN0114-001481 MoTI funds for TFN cycle path.pdf

Vision and project description document (old)

File:April 2015 GBHW Summary.pdf