Election 2011: Lisa Bayne

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My sincere apologies for the late response.

1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver?

I walk a great deal with my children and am fortunate to live within a short walk of a local mall. I also try to take the bus to work when possible. Having said that I do use a car for most of my transportation downtown.

2. How would you support and encourage parents and children to cycle to school to promote healthy and livable communities?

I would ensure that adequate bike locks and security are available at each school. I would also like to see incentive programs at the schools for those who bike. Perhaps a free swim or skate coupon given to those students to bike to work for a set number of days per week.

3. What role do you think the school board has in supporting and promoting cycling education and training for children?

I think that school board can encourage and support cycling education however the actual training needs to be secured by families at local cycling schools such as Pedalheads.

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