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Hi Heather,

Please find my answers to the VACC questionnaire below.

1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver?

I use a private car and public transit to travel around Vancouver.

2. How would you support and encourage parents and children to cycle to school to promote healthy and livable communities?

Schools can provide bike racks, speakers to the students and have "bike to school" events. The school district can work with the municipalities to talk about bike lanes and paths around the school sites.

3. What role do you think the school board has in supporting and promoting cycling education and training for children?

The school board has many initiatives to promote healthy living. Promoting cycling education and the VACC "Bike to School week" could certainly be one of them. Over the years, the board has encouraged parents to get out of the car and either cycle or walk with their children to school until the children are old enough to get to school on their own.

I apologize for the delay in getting my answers to you. Thank you to VACC for promoting cycling and taking an interest in the school board elections.


Jane Kellett

Candidate - Trustee - West Vancouver Board of Education

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