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This is a collection of particularly enjoyable bike rides of different lengths and levels of difficulty. Every ride here was done at least once by a member of the Burnaby Local Committee, who felt it was nice enough to share with others. Nevertheless, the route may include uncomfortable sections and road conditions could have changed by the time you get there, so please be prepared to adjust the route where needed. Also check out the rides suggested by Let's Go Biking.

Bike rides that start and end in Burnaby
Description Length Ascend Time Map (click for details)
Burnaby Mountain loop

Lakes route up to Burnaby Mountain, nice view from Centennial Way, Trans Canada trail around the mountain, down along Stoney Creek to Cariboo and back up to Lakes.

Temporary construction detour (2023): take Lougheed Hwy and Brighton Ave to Government Road.

26.6km 470m 2:27 Route information
Fraser Foreshore

Flat, relaxed ride on a shared path along the river in a park. Cafe and playground by Kerr St.

7.6km 10m 0:33 Route information
BC Parkway

Fairly easy loop along the BC parkway and a multi-use path on Rumble St

17.7km 130m 1:06 Route information