2024-02-01 Summary

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Meeting commenced 6:38 p.m.

Attending: Don (Chair), Paul J (vice chair), Derrick, Peter S, Martyn Schmoll, Duncan, Kira, Finn, Kira, Fiona Online: Rueben


Agenda additions: None

Public Input/Consultations: None noted.

Goals & Objectives

  • Don presented updated goals outline and map showing infrastructure completed for the past two years.
          • Action item: Don to contact Cathy about folded(pocket) bike maps.
  • Additional goal to involve stakeholders.
          • Action item: Paul to contact Steed Cycles and Obsession bikes

City of North Vancouver:

  • Don met with Brandon Green Jan 26/24, more meetings forthcoming.
  • St. Andrews project passed by council.

Integrated Transit Committee - Dana & Jonathan

First Nations - Kira

  • TseilWaututh nation has an extensive AT plan. Dollarton route is identified as a priority but is dependent on cooperation from DNV.

District of North Vancouver - Duncan/Stephen/Stewart/Don

  • Duncan asked that we help to "debug" by providing input.
  • No progress on C/L overpass of late.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

  • Mayor asked for meeting with HUB re Dedicated lane on Cypress road.
  • Peter/Paul meeting with DWV staff on Feb 5/24
  • Peter may have some funds available through the environmental committee.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure - Mike/Don

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Paul/Heather

  • Rueben has produced a montage of images promoting the Spirit Trail. Perhaps post to social media with a link to our Wiki page.
  • X traffic is down since rebranding.
  • Heather provided stats showing per capita spending by munis on AT.
    • 2023
      • DWV $5.60, DNV $28.8, CNV $87.50
    • 2024
      • DWV $7.50, DNV $104, CNV $216

General Discussion

Schools - Paul Janzen No activity till March

Meeting adjourned 8:02 p.m.