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Meeting commenced 6:38 p.m.

  • Attendees in person at NVC Library:
    • Don P - Chair
    • Derrick E
  • Attendees on-line via Google Meets:
    • Ruben S
    • Peter S
    • Peter R
    • Roland S
    • Fiona W
    • Duncan W
    • Will S
    • Chris H
    • Nicolas V
    • Jen W
  • 2 attendees in person, 10 online

Public Input/Consultations

  • Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions. Please make sure your voice is heard!!
  • Mountain highway safety improvements - online until May 14th
    • And Open House Thursday, May 4, 6pm-8pm – Karen Magnussen Recreation Centre, Eagle Room.
    • Some points to consider for the question "Did we miss anything when it comes to cycling? Please tell us about it here.” on the 3rd page.
      • Mountain Hwy is a busy arterial street and thus would require protected bikelanes (not just paint, and not in the Door zone) to be comfortable for most.
        • Traffic speeds often exceed the posted limits
        • The existing bikelanes are fragmented and incomplete, especially near intersections (where most collisions occur)
        • Needs good wayfinding signage
      • People may want to mention the alternative route via Arborlynn - Appin - East 20th - Viewlynn - E 27th.
        • This route is a bit less direct, but has gentler grades and is mostly along quiet residential streets
        • It would be fairly easy and quick to implement. Wayfinding signage + crossing improvements + a uphill bikelane for 1 block on E 20th
  • Ambleside Local Area Plan
    • The engagement process has a series of public workshops but these are all full, you are encouraged to review the three draft options and provide input for Ambleside’s new LAP by email to planambleside@westvancouver.ca
    • There are three cycling-related issues that we think need to be considered in the LAP:
      • 1. a dedicated bikeway between the town centres of Ambleside and Park Roya
      • 2. separating bikes from traffic and pedestrians on the Spirit Trail through Ambleside and a westward extension of the Spirit Trail to connect to Dundarave Village
      • 3. establishing Slow Streets within and through the LAP boundaries.
  • Portside Greenway Survey - online until May 25th
    • This is a City of Vancouver project but connects to 2nd Narrows bridge and used by a lot of North Shore cyclists.
    • Portside Greenway, a 7 km route following the city’s northern edge, spanning between Gastown and the city’s eastern boundary.


  • Need a coordinator/organizer for events
  • Spring Go By Bike Week. - May 29th to June 4th
    • Mon, May 29, 4-6 PM - 13th and Argyle - Ambleside park entrance - DWV
      • Learn more about how you can loan cargo bikes from West Vancouver Libraries.
      • Peter & Fiona
    • Wed, May 31, 7-9 AM - Second Narrows Bridge - NE off ramp - DNV
      • Will S(possible), Don, need one more person
    • Fri, Jun 2, 8-10 AM - Lionsgate Hospital (Hope Centre) - 13th - Vancouver Coastal Health
      • Fiona, Paul J
    • Fri, Jun 2, 4-6 PM - Museum of North Vancouver - Esplande - CNV
      • Don, Rueben
  • Blueridge Good Neighbour Day - June 11th, times??
    • Will S(possible) & Don, need 2 more people (2 shifts)
  • Cargo Bike Race: Disaster Relief Trial (DRT)
    • Roland Schigas is chairing
    • First organizing meeting was 02-May-2023
    • Date provisionally planned for 26-Aug-2023
    • Volunteers = Duncan + Our Greenway (Sam Starr + Darnell) + Fiona + Jen

BC MVA Update

City of North Vancouver - Nadia/Sophia

CNV Key Contacts & Staff Meetings

  • Meeting with Mayor Buchanan, April 28th - Don & Navdeep (HUB HQ)
    • Discussed recent fatality nr Lonsdale & 23rd, Vision Zero and side-guards for trucks.
    • Talked about priorities (HUB's are mid-town connector & NS routes)
    • Discussed Lonsdale becoming a "Complete Street", need to get business and MoTI onside (currently an arterial truck route)
  • Bikelanes vs quiet arterial streets, concerns that streets near Lonsdale would not be AAA.
  • Upcoming: May 24th with Nadia/Sophia and the CNV team

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

  • May meeting update (held May 3): we received an overview of CNV's zoning bylaw policy (for information purposes only). CNV will be overhauling their zoning bylaws in the coming months, which could have direct and indirect impacts on cycling infrastructure (e.g., bike storage requirements for new builds, encouraging more community amenities to reduce travel distances, etc.). Public engagement on their zoning policy is expected to start in early June.

District of North Vancouver - Duncan/Stephen/Don

  • Meeting with Staff - Ingrid has left DNV and we have a meeting May 12th to introduce ourselves to Mac Fitzgerald, who will lead Transportation planning.
  • Main St - Harbour Ave - Barrows
    • Sent Project Mgr (Ben) comments on updated design for Harbour Ave & Harbour-Main Intersection
      • Generally design is good, but we are pushing for better protection to be added for bikelane on Harbour.
      • will have quick call with Ben on Friday the 5th about a it.
    • DNV will be gathering Public Input (online) on the design starting in the next week or so
  • Kirkstone-Rufus-Brooksbank-SalopTrail
    • 90% drawings reviewed & commented on, more discussion in the next week.
      • Trail needs a curb letdown at Whitely
      • Wayfinding signage was included, but missing a couple locations.
  • Mountain Hwy from Lynn Valley Road to Arborlynn
    • Public consultation online until May 14th.
    • Get your comments and input in - major route
    • Public consultation in person May 4th 6-8pm at Karen Magnussen
    • AI: HUB will provide a formal letter with comments
  • Spirit Trail, East of Seymour planning:
    • Will took Heather D & Councillor Katherine Pope on ride along the proposed route.
  • DNV Library Cargo Bikes at Lynn Valley Library -Duncan (DW)
    • "Report back by staff" underway and expected complete around 01-May-2023
    • DNVPL - Library Board also supported unanimously on 27-Apr. One more hurdle passed.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

  • Bike lanes on Marine Drive between 26th and 31st Streets
    • It is currently planned to proceed just with painted bike lanes and a painted buffer, despite our preference to see buffered bike lanes with delineator poles installed. We suggested to at least put in some kind of physical separation at the beginning of the painted bike lanes.
    • It is planned for DWV staff to present the project to Council on 15 May and we have prepared a HUB letter with qualified support for the project which has been approved for distribution (https://wiki.bikehub.ca/images/f/f2/2023-05-05_Planned_Bike_Lanes_on_Marine_Drive_between_26th_and_31st_Streets.pdf).
  • Ambleside Local Area Plan (LAP)
    • Ambleside is a waterfront neighbourhood and commercial centre located on the north shore of the Burrard Inlet, situated between Dundarave and Park Royal. Ambleside’s continued success and long-term vitality are of importance to residents, businesses, visitors, and the entire West Vancouver community.
    • Three options were presented to Council at its February 6, 2023 meeting, where staff were directed to proceed with LAP engagement.
    • The engagement process is now underway this month with a series of public workshops and those unable to register for a workshop, are encouraged to review the three draft options and provide input for Ambleside’s new LAP by email.
    • There are three cycling-related issues that we think need to be considered in the LAP:
  1. A dedicated bikeway between the town centres of Ambleside and Park Royal;
  2. Separating bikes from traffic and pedestrians on the Spirit Trail through Ambleside and a westward extension of the Spirit Trail to connect to Dundarave Village; and
  3. Establishing Slow Streets within and through the LAP boundaries.
    • We plan to draft a HUB letter to input our proposals on these three issues.

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure- Mike/Don

  • Blind spot where Orwell trail meets MSP-Keith Rd overpass MUP
    • MoTI has painted stop line & warnings, checking if signage is to follow.

Communications & Outreach - Rueben/Paul/Heather

  • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.
  • Twitter (Rueben)
    • Tragic news of the person killed on 23rd Street (mostly re-tweets and posting of the discussion on the NS News and CBC).
    • More coverage of the DNV budget.
    • Duncan posted about the mess at Phibbs exchange.
    • Duncan posted about Cargo e-bikes at the DNV library as a pilot.
    • Documenting new and existing bike lanes (and related infrastructure). In February, posted photos of:
      • Before and after photos of Esplanade Construction

Group Rides - Who?

  • Need an Organizer/coordinator
    • also qualified Leads& Sweeps