2022-01-06 Summary

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Meeting was held online using Zoom, Jan-6th at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Attendees: Peter, Paul, Nadia, Don, Erika? Fred, Mike? x Janzen


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions

Public Input/Consultations

  • Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions. Please make sure your voice is heard!!

Goals & Objectives

  • Review of progress in 2021 & brainstorm ideas for 2022
  • All agreed to continue with both goals from last year
    • Implementation of 3 top priority Bikeways
    • Establish communications with community stakeholders re Bikeways.
      • but need ideas on how to get this working better, and how to connect with "Interested but concerned"
  • additionally we need to recruit new members to our committee
    • Some ideas:
      • Group Rides - when and themes?
      • Single issue projects - driven by one or two concerned people
      • adopt a trail/gap/issue
      • Survey of silent majority on our groups.io
  • Also discussed Schools & educational focus, but we would need some primes to lead this.

City of North Vancouver - Nadia

CNV Key Contacts & Staff Meetings

  • HUB’s primary contact: Brandon Green
  • Next meeting with staff: TBD

Esplanade Complete Street

  • Construction is currently underway between Lonsdale and St Georges and between Mahon and Chesterfield.
    • Between Lonsdale & St Georges:
      • Bike lanes are maintained in both directions through the work area
    • Between Mahon & Chesterfield:
      • Bike lanes will be maintained eastbound through the work area
      • Cyclists travelling westbound will be directed to merge with traffic for a half block between Chesterfield and Semisch. An optional detour is available by travelling north on Chesterfield to 1st Street.
  • Information can be found at www.cnv.org/ecs
    • Any comments/questions can be directly sent to Mo Bot at ecs@cnv.org

Brooksbank Avenue

  • Since the lanes initially went in, the City installed a no right turn on red sign and changed the signal phasing to have an advanced walk for pedestrians

Moody Avenue

  • Poles & lights are in, but still covered.

Community Wellbeing Strategy

St Andrews Safety Improvements

CNV Mobility Strategy

  • Staff recently presented the Draft Mobility Strategy to Council
  • “When finished, it will be the playbook that guides decisions about how we plan, design, operate, maintain and invest in our transportation system today and over the next decade, in order to best respond to current and emerging needs, issues and opportunities.”
  • Located here (in the Dec 13 Agenda Pack, starting on pg.123): link
  • Hub to provide our feedback in early 2022.

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • Meeting last week, next one in Late November
    • Nov-8: Transportation workshop for Council:
      • Slow Streets investigation proposal
        • Most councillors expressed support for Vision Zero concepts, but wondered if slow streets was best way to get there (ie where are all the accidents?)
        • Also not useful without enforcement, and existing school zone only get limited enforcement.
      • Upper LV Rd next steps - deferred to next year

  • Wayfinding signage
    • Lower Lynn Ph 2/4 - starting to be installed
    • Ph3 (main/dollarton) - Design underway.
    • Parkgate to Deep Cove - sent our comments in

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

  • 24 November meeting with Jim Bailey, Director of Planning and Development Services
    • Slow streets: requested data on speeds (initially slower, but now back to normal?)

Cyprus Village Phase 2 engagement

  • At the 6 December Council meeting, it was decided to proceed to the next phase (3). Here are the following cycling-related suggestions in the report:
    • Consider separating cycling paths from walking paths and vehicular traffic.
    • Preserve as many of the existing mountain biking trails as possible.
    • Consider the interface between the proposed multi-use path above the 1200’ contour and existing mountain biking trails.
    • Commit to subsequent process(es) to formalize, plan for, build, and manage mountain biking trails (in the proposed mountain biking area in Cypress Village and above the 1200’ contour).

E-bike incentive program

  • passed unanimously at 6 December meeting
    • Council directed staff to report back to Council in the first quarter of 2022, regarding the launching of a District of West Vancouver e-bike financial incentive pilot program; and
    • Staff was directed to explore a North Shore wide program with staff at the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver.

New multi-purpose Mountain Path

  • 2 km section with trestle opened on 3 December (photo attached)

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/Giacomo/Paul


  • Communications = Paul, Antje, Giacomo, Heather
    • need to progress this.