2021-10-07 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings will be held online using Zoom, on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Everybody is welcome.

Online conference call at https://zoom.us/j/98976249728?pwd=NE9BM1RUTjlScUp0c0VIbWFlMG5LUT09

By phone: call 778-907-2071, Meeting ID: 989 7624 9728, Passcode: 166390
One tap mobile: +17789072071,,98976249728#,,,,*166390#


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions
  • Recruiting:
    • DNV Liaisons
    • CNV Liaison
    • Vice Chair
    • MoTI Liaison
  • Annual Election at our November Meeting


  • Go By Bike Week - Sep 21 to Oct 1
    • Tuesday 29th 4-6pm - 1st and Welch St (CNV)

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Nadia

CNV Teams & Key Contacts

  • HUB’s primary contact: Brandon Green

Esplanade Complete Street

  • Work will begin between Lonsdale and St Georges in early October 2021 and travel west with all project works expected to be complete in Summer 2022.
  • One travel lane in each direction will remain open at all times, along with a clear bicycle route in each direction.
  • ECS_ConstructionNoticeHUB
  • Information can be found at www.cnv.org/ecs

Brooksbank Avenue

Moody Avenue

  • Crews are working on a new signal at Moody Ave and 3rd street; construction started about a month ago.

Community Wellbeing Strategy

  • The City is developing a Community Wellbeing Strategy to plan for the services, resources, amenities, activities, and places that will help our community thrive. The Strategy will serve as a guide for how to make decisions about social infrastructure over the next 10 years.
  • Share feedback by October 31, 2021: https://letstalk.cnv.org/community-wellbeing
  • Vision: ‘A City where everyone belongs’
  • Goals: Building a city of short distances, Making room for community, Being an equitable city, Repositioning social investments
  • Emerging strategies: Healthy design, Human essentials, Supporting people, Working together

St Andrews Safety Improvements

  • Construction on the sidewalks has begun; installation of street calming measures to happen in Fall 2021
  • Proposed design: https://letstalk.cnv.org/st-andrews-safety-improvements-project
    • Uphill mobility lane, cyclists protected behind parked cars, sharing on the downhill
    • Pavement marking and delineators; simple to adjust if needed post-evaluation
  • Destination based wayfinding will not be included until the City develops a wayfinding strategy to ensure clarity and consistency.

Gardenworks Redevelopment

  • Site redevelopment has inadequate cycling infrastructure through the site
  • The staff report shows a 3.35m MUP. This means the route cannot be a significant bike route because in this location it will be busy with walkers, strollers, dogs.

CNV/DNV Interfaces

  • City has an upcoming project (design 2022, build 2023) to extend the Spirit Trail along the west side of Lynnmouth Park to 3rd Street where it would connect to Brooksbank Avenue. The intention is to provide a paved and lit path through this area.
  • The City aspires to connect the existing segment of Spirit Trail to the west of Park & Tilford (running along 4th Street at Sunrise Park) with the upcoming segment through Lynnmouth Park, connecting with the Hunter St bridge. There are no short-term plans to complete this connection through, or around, Park & Tilford.

Next meeting with staff Oct 26

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

  • We had two development projects up for resolution at the Oct. 6 meeting.
    • The first is a new, 6-storey condo building that is planned for the north-east side of the corner of 17th and Lonsdale (replacing the Esso station). Given that this area is already a traffic hotspot, the project is expected to cause a negligible increase in trips. The building will be outfitted with several bike rooms with changing/shower facilities (according to city bylaw), and there will be 1 e-bike charger installed for every 4 bike parking spots. The big topic of discussion was whether the bike rooms would be large enough to accommodate cargo bikes and trailers. The ITC voted to support the project, but will recommend that the developer review bike parking to ensure that it can accommodate all types of bikes.
    • The second development project is another condo building proposed for 15th St W, in the small triangle between 16th St. W and Fell Ave. In addition to the same concerns about parking for large bikes, this project sparked a broader conversation on the overall safety and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians in this neighbourhood. The development is expected to generate about 90 additional trips during peak times in an area already operating above capacity (e.g., larson/fell intersection is already nutty). While the ITC voted to support the project, the resolution will note that the pedestrian and cycling facilities in the area need improvement. The ITC also recommended that council review ways that the developer can help fund infrastructure to make walking/cycling safer in the neighbourhood.

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • next meeting with Staff in late October
  • Tatlow + W15th
    • Mostly completed - will ask for traffic measurement results
    • Hiring a consultant to do the connection on Marine between Capilano Rd and Garden. Hope to build next spring.
  • Arborlyn Connector
    • Provided comments on draft designs for a MUP on west/north side of Mountain Hwy north of the overpass
      • Plan to build this fall
    • Waiting for design on east/south side - build in spring 2022?
  • Lynn Valley Rd - Mtn. Hwy to Peters Road
    • Reviewed design in May - painted bikelanes on both sides, much of the parking removed. Protection at start of each block
    • Peters to Dempsey planing in for 2022
    • Upper LVR improvements contingent on obtaining third party infrastructure funding.
  • Hunter Street Bridge in Lynn Creek TC
    • Provided comments on design in May. Mostly a Recreational MUP, with limited through connectivity.
    • Construction to start this year?
    • CNV will connect to E 3rd (near MEC) in future.
  • Capilano Rd/Highway Underpass MOTI project
    • Ingrid to discuss with MoTI in Sept.
    • Investigating replace the barriers in Phillips tunnel with fence at south end (on DNV roadway) to make entry to Phillips Ave safer
  • Other
    • Wayfinding signage - need to get an update

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike


MOTI - Don/Jonathan

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges - Monthly meeting -
    • Mountain Hwy Interchange
      • 4m MUP along the north side westbound Mtn Hwy offramp will have 10 "refuges", so the hill will be a series of 10m 15% pitches with 2m flats (refuge). Should open in mid-Sep.
      • Have asked for protection for Northbound on Mtn-Hwy at south intersection - MoTI looking into it.
    • Mt Seymour parkway/Keith Interchange
      • Bike Infrastructure completed - DNV to install wayfinding
    • Main-Dollarton interchange
      • onramp to IWMB west sidewalk closed until Nov (detour via east sidewalk)
      • new 4m MUP on south side of main-dollarton open but unfinished
        • New wider(was 2m, new 4m) island at East intersection is done
      • new access ramps to existing tunnel on north side will be rebuild from Mid-Oct to late Nov
    • Phibbs exchange upgrade
      • Construction could start in spring 2022 at earliest
      • moving bus stops to Oxford & Main Street for duration of construction
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study: Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Still waiting for draft report - by end of year
  • BC Economic Recovery funding -
    • HUB provided feedback to design team (Parsons) on near final design of Lynn Valley Rd underpass and Capilano Rd interchange
    • have asked to see and share final designs
  • Cycling Gaps project
    • Sent out draft of comments on MoTI's Gap's list.
    • need to submit comments by Oct 8th.
  • Small projects - maintenance issues
    • Meeting with MoTI's Operations Mgr Oct 14th
    • Cypress bowl road safety improvements
    • Phillips ave Tunnel barriers - with DNV
    • Repairs to Paths between Cap bridg , North interchange and Phillips tunnel
    • Cypress Bowl Road
    • HSB & Exit 0
    • Others?

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/Giacomo/Paul


  • Communications = Paul, Antje, Giacomo, Heather
    • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.
  • We are coordinating our approach to communications on groups.io, Facebook and Twitter
    • Facebook and Twitter have increased in terms of numbers of followers and numbers of original posts
    • Number of posts on FB up %169 | 200% increase in comments shares and likes.
    • Number of posts on Twitter up 104% followers up 30 for total of 1311
  • Targets:
    • double Facebook followers by Dec 2021 and add +300 to Twitter
    • Commitment to send out 2 google group emails per week
    • New North Van Rides episodes on Youtube - subscribe to Heather Drugge
  • Call for comms topix
  • Still looking for help with photos / videos

Developers - Fred/Paul & Peter

  • Currently active:
    • West Van
      • Marine Drive
    • CNV
      • Habourside
    • DNV
      • Maplewood
      • Lynn Creek TC
        • Interesting redevelopment at Marie Place (off Crown St east of Mtn Hwy) in the Lynn Creek town Centre. DNV council allowed it to go to first reading at March 29 /2021 council meeting. Eleven single family homes to be replaced by two 6 storey apartments. Unique to the plan is to provide bicycle parking facilities on each floor of both buildings. The same developer owns a large property to the west bordering Mountain Hwy which includes the Dykoff Nursery lands for which they are hoping to get council approval. Mayor Little commented that these projects need wider support from the community for council to consider them. Those who spoke in favour tended to have a business relationship. HUB NS is aware that without large scale redevelopment Lynn Creek will not see better cycling infrastructure. A HUB member presence might make a difference. The concept of locating bike rooms in upper floors is gaining traction.

Translink - Antje

  • Secure bike parking at Lonsdale Quay