2021-09-02 Summary

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings was be held online using Zoom, on Sep 2th at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Attendees: Don P, Mike C, Antje W, Fred R


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions
  • Return to in person meetings?
    • Probably too soon, but hopefully in 2021
    • Mike suggested a social event, perhaps at shipyards
    • Some liked convenience of virtual meetings. We will continue them when we resume physical ones.
  • Recruiting:
    • will discuss next meeting. Need some more people for 2021

Upcoming Events

  • Happy Go By Bike Week!! - Sep 21 to Oct 1 -
    • Tuesday 29th 4-6pm - 1st and Welch St (CNV) - Peter & Don to attend
    • Decided too much work to sponsor one at 2nd Narrows

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Nadia

  • Kings Mill Walk master plan
    • Protected bike detour on Harbourside for duration of construction (1+ year)
  • Flexible Posts
    • Keith/Heywood: Paint & delineators have been installed
  • ITC - Dana & Jonathan
    • No updates

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • Upper LV Road (Phase I) from TC to Peters Road
    • on hold
  • Arborlyn Connector
    • Provided comments on Draft designs for a MUP on west/north side of Mountain Hwy north of the overpass.
      • Plan to build this fall
    • Waiting for design on East/south side - build in spring 2022?
  • Tatlow + W15th
    • Construction should be underway
    • Hiring a consultant to do the connection on Marine between Capilano Rd and Garden, Hope to build next spring.
  • Barriers at Keith at Cloverly
    • Antje to send info to Fred and Don with map.
  • barriers in Phillips tunnel
    • Ingrid to discuss with MoTI in Sept.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

  • Bike to shop day on 7 August
    • Don and I volunteered at the both set up by HUB, located at the atrium in Park Royal South which was not a location attractive for people on bicycles.
    • Don and I invited passing pedestrians to the booth and we counted over 100.
    • Only two cyclists showed up at the booth and it was at the end of the 2-hour period.
    • Apparently ADBI had been approached to participate but did want to pay the participation fees to HUB.
  • 26 August phone call with Jenn Moller, director of Engineering and Transportation
    • Ciclovia
      • West Vancouver Active Family Day on Sunday, 26 September may not occur as planned due to concerns expressed by ADBI about their responsibility in organizing and paying for the event.
      • Jenn has canvassed interested parties for a 30-minute meeting with ADBIA next week.
      • I sense a concern about who will fund the event - Jenn says she is willing to contribute $12,00 but doesn't have the money in her budget.
      • It seems likely to me that the event will be postponed until next spring.
    • Lack of bike racks in Ambleside parks
      • In response to the photo of 23 bikes strewn over the lawn in John Lawson Park, Jenn said that there was a 2020 plan for bike racks in the parks but it didn't happen due to COVID-19.
    • Plans for bike lanes on Westmount Road
  • DWV Capital Planning
    • Jenn said her deadline for input is the end of September and she would like to meet with us before then to discuss her input.
  • Strategic Transportation plan update
    • Preparation is behind schedule and it is planned to have technical conditions and milestones for the project by the end of August.
    • The timing for consulting with stakeholders has not yet been determined.
  • Protected bike lane on Marine Drive east of the LGB
    • DNV has the lead on this project and DWV will provide input with the project due for completion in 2022.
  • Lime bike share
    • Implementation issues in North Van have delayed setting up in West Van.

MOTI - Don/Jonathan

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges
    • Mountain Hwy Interchange
      • 4m MUP along the north side westbound Mtn Hwy offramp will have 10 "refuges", so the hill will be a series of 10m 15% pitches with 2m flats (refuge). Should open in mid-Sep.
      • Have asked for protection for Northbound on Mtn-Hwy at south intersection
    • Mt Seymour parkway/Keith Interchange
      • bike detour in place until Mid-sept (to demolish old bridge and complete south side of new one)
    • Main-Dollarton interchange
      • onramp to IWMB west sidewalk closed until Nov (detour via east sidewalk)
      • new 4m MUP on south side of main-dollarton open but unfinished, Mid September hopefully
        • New wider(was 2m, new 4m) island at East intersection is under construction
      • new access ramps to existing tunnel on north side will be rebuild from Mid-Sept to late Oct.
    • Phibbs exchange upgrade
      • Construction could start in spring 2022 at earliest
      • moving bus stops to Oxford & Main Street for duration of construction
  • Cycling Gaps project
    • Consultant still working on list, 450 gaps. Prioritization of them will be another project.
  • BC Economic Recovery funding -
    • HUB provided feedback to design team (Parsons) on near final design of Lynn Valley Rd underpass and Capilano Rd interchange
    • have asked to see and share final designs - no word back yet
  • Lane Control upgrades on Lions Gate Bridge & Causeway
    • Minimal impact on cyclists, most of the work will be at night and won't block the path.
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study: Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Still waiting for draft report - seems to be on hold