2020-12-10 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee holds regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. Everybody is welcome. Our October meeting we will be an online conference call using https://join.me/677-584-149 . You can also phone in (audio only) at +1.778.654.8779,,677-584-149 #

  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions


  • Schedule Meetings with North Shore MLAs
    • Topics to cover
      • Over view of HUB and North Shore committee's Goals & Activities
      • Updating the MVA to a Safe Roads Act.
      • Incentives for e-Bikes
    • Met with Susie Chant on Nov-27 - Giacomo & Don
  • Public Input/Consultations:
    • CNV - Esplanade
    • DWV -
  • HUB 2020 Infrastructure award
    • NS Candidates?
    • W 1st
  • North Shore Transportation Survey Results -
    • Will be updated every other year
  • Change meeting time to 1st or 3rd Thursday of the Month?
    • Check with CNV Library

Goals & Objectives

  • 2020 Goals Overview
  • Review of our progress/lack towards the goals in 2020
    • Implementation of 3 top priority Bikeways
      • Analysis of current state all segments of the 3 Bikeways and next steps for each
      • will be added to UnGap the Map database
    • Establish communications with community stakeholders re Bikeways.
      • Set-up meeting with West Van Chamber of Commerce & Ambleside Dundarave BIA - On Hold
      • Prepare message to share with NS Cycle clubs/organization
  • Goals for 2021
    • What do we need to change from our 2020 ones?
    • Any new ones to consider?

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Esplanade Update

Esplanade Planter Boxes.png

    • New planters between Esplanade and Rogers better define bike path from pedestrian path
    • Community engagement has ended. Detailed design in winter and more engagement winter-spring 2021 Construction to begin in summer/fall 2021

  • 1st Street
    • This project is almost complete
    • Spoke to staff about the need for improved traffic management during construction
    • Let us know how this project is working for you

  • East Keith
    • Staff are conducting a safety study on [East Keith from Sutherland down to Brooksbank]https://letstalk.cnv.org/cloverley-neighbourhood-traffic-safety-improvements
    • This would be worth participating in given the pinch point at Heywood and the downhill bike lane. We spoke with staff about this prior to the opening of the new left-turn lane access to HWY 1, asking them to implement separators where the dotted line invites cars into the bike lane. At that time they said lets wait until we see what happens with the new turn lanes. Since the opening we have observed no difference in behavior. I have inquired again, but no answer - could be they are waiting for the survey results. We have an official HUB letter ready to go, but not sure that is the best way to approach.

  • Staff Bike Around
    • We have a scheduled bike around with staff on Dec 17th

  • City Priority Routes

Phase 1

    • 1st Street (almost complete)
    • Casano-Loutet overpass (construction starts in Jan)
    • Jones

Phase 2

    • Esplanade (public consultation)
    • Midtown Connector to Casano Loutet bridge - 13th to Boulevard then up to 17th?
    • Upper Levels Greenway East

Phase 3

    • St. Davids
    • Chesterfield 13th down
    • Upper Levels Greenway West

District of North Vancouver - Sibylle/Fred

  • 2021 Plan:
    • Tatlow+W15th
      • Ruffus/Kirkstone and Brooksbank to connect to Casano/Loutet overpass
    • Hunter street bridge in Lynn Creek TC
      • design has started, construction start in summer.
    • Steep MUP from Deep Cove to Parkgate via Indian River neighbourhood
    • Upper LV Road from TC to Peters
  • also budget for missing Wayfinding signage
  • Other
    • DNV did not buy bike path sweeper in 2020 due to Covid, but it is in the 2021 budget request.
    • Started discussion of adding protection to bike lanes on Mountain south of the Hwy Overpass
    • Draft designs for a MUP on east and west side of Mountian Hwy north of the overpass.

  • DNV Priority Bike Network Engagement
    • Summary report
    • Key points:
      • 82% Cycle (vs 89% drive, 72% walk and 34 use public transit)
      • 42% cycle 3+ times a week, 30% 1-10 times a month
      • 77% exercise, 75% rec, 47% commute, 42% utility (shop, ...)
      • Reasons not to cycle: #1 Safety, #2 Incomplete network
      • Feel safe? 21% yes, 27% neutral, 50% NO (16% strongly)
      • Needed to Cycle more: 79% continuous route, 50% good surface, 45% secure parking
      • Safety concerns: 47% separation, 22% collisions, 14% dooring,
      • Comments - most common: Protected/separated bike lanes(529)

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

MOTI - Antje/Don

  • Lower Lynn - Monthly meeting
    • Phase 3 - Construction around Main St and the Ironworkers bridgehead
      • Main south side path closed for Oct into Nov - most detour improvements that we requested have been done
      • Bridge west sidewalk closed all winter into spring
      • Phibbs Exchange work to start in spring
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Waiting for draft report
  • Taylor Way interchange
    • Several issues raised by West Van resident

Developers - Fred/Paul & Peter

  • Currently active:
    • West Van ????
    • Anthem Seymour Estates - Lytton Ave (opposite Ron Andrews Recreation Centre ) scheduled for public hearing September 14. This will be the first reading. To participate, send email to James Gordon, Manager of administrative services, gordonja@dnv.org
  • Seymour Estates redevelopment proposal received DNV Council approval to proceed to a public hearing.
    • The public hearing was conducted virtually due to Covid but because of technical glitches was aborted halfway and is now postponed to 15 December.
  • Lower Lynn Development
    • Redevelopment applications are in the pipeline for Oxford Street. Expect some of these to be approved in the new year as they will be market rentals and below markets apartments. Being close to Phibbs, they will minimize parking requirements. A proposed redevelopment at 1515-1555 Oxford St with 134 units on six storeys with 114 underground parking spaces and 216 spaces for bicycle spaces for residents and visitors. Ebike charging was mentioned at the council presentation. The project got a good reception.
    • Oxford Street will have bike paths both sides connecting with paths on Mountain Hwy.
    • It was noted that these developments will be concurrent with the Phibbs Exchange upgrade which suggests it could become a significant bottleneck.

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/Giacomo/Paul

  • Go by Bike Campaign Update
  • Instagram account
    • We may use HUB HQ's account instead to post North Shore images
    • On hold since we need a collection of images first
  • Build photo library of utility cycling on the North Shore that can be used for social media, communications and provided to the media (e.g. North Shore News)