2020-04-09 Summary

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District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter

  • On 27 February, Paul and Peter had a meeting with John Calimente with the following agenda:
    • Main/Marine bikeway:
      • protected bike lanes are planned east and west between Capilano Road and Taylor Way;
      • first eastbound section to be completed this year between Lions Gate Bridge and Capilano Road;
      • there is space for an eastbound protected bike lane from Taylor Way to the eastbound bridge over the Capilano River but not yet planned;
      • westbound sections will be completed along with developments at Lions Gate Village, old Earl's restaurant site and 303 Marine Drive;
      • we were shown a plan for the Taylor Way intersection with MUP crossings between the NE and NW corners; NW and SW corners; and between the SW and SE corners;
      • John seemed interested our suggested option of a route connecting the Spirit Trail from the Taylor Way interesection via the south side of Marine Drive and the Capilano Pacific Trail;
      • John speculated that in a future development of Park Royal North there could be room for a protected westbound bike lane from Taylor Way to the traffic signaled intersection on Marine Drive;and
      • wrt the upcoming planning process for the Ambleside Town Centre Local Area Plan, we discussed possible protected bikeways through or adjacent to the Town Centre and protected bikeway connections east and west of it to Park Royal and Dundarave respectively;
    • We were shown engineer plans for motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists at both the east and west ends of Welch Street Bridge but implementation has been postpone until next year due to COVID-19 pandemic.
    • We did not have time to find out a timetable for pilot protected bike lanes on Marine Drive from 26th to 31st Streets;
    • TransLink's project to install 700 m of bike lanes on Marine Drive in both directions west of the West Van Yacht Club will not proceed due to feasibility and costs;
    • We will be able to provide input to the update of the DWV Strategic Transportation Plan which will be prepared by a consultant;
    • We discussed and agreed in principal with possible new bike east-west bikeway on Esquimalt from 21st to 12th Streets and Kings/Jefferson route from Taylor Way to 25th Street;
    • We were shown engineer plans for the Upper Level MUP, Haddon to Taylor Way;
    • We were also shown engineer plans for that section of the Upper Level MUP leading into and alongside Cyprus Bowl Road; and
    • Finally, John gave is an updated wayfinding signage plan with 35 signs for the area east of Taylor Way and the east part of the British Properties as far north as the northern edge of the Capliano Golf Course.
    • We did not discuss the upcoming planning process for Cyprus Village – possible protected bikeways through the Village and connections east and west of it.
  • On 27 February, Paul and Peter presented HUB's 2019 UnGapTheMap aware to Dustin Bergsrom from the DWV Engineering divisionfor completion of the Hugo Ray Connector (http://wiki.bikehub.ca/northshore/index.php?title=File:Dustin_Bergstrom_accepting_HUB_award_2020-02-27_IMG_2711.JPG).
  • Paul has initiated consultations with Tammy, DWV staff and school board reps wrt to bicycle education and bike to work week participation in West van School District 45.
  • We have provided input to the HUB Priority Routes Implementation Tracker on the Main to Marine bikeway west of Capilano Road.

BC Ferries - Peter S