2020-01-09 Summary

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Present: Don, Jay, Peter S, Peter T, Paul, Fred, Neil, Fiona, Ryan, Heather, Kevin, Erika, Martyn

  • Agenda additions

Fiona provided a status update on Cycling Without Age initiatives. A new trishaw will be arriving within the next few days and will be stored at Mahon Park. There will be a meeting for volunteer pilots around the 30th of January and training will be scheduled for March. Rides could then begin in April. Tentative schedule is for 2 hour rides ideally Monday through Sunday depending on availability. Start locations include Silver Harbour and Park Royal. Two trishaws are in the fleet and the HUB fundraising initiated by Dave P was successful.

  • Introductions

Goals & Objectives

  • 2020 Goals: - need to select a couple for 2020
    • Full list for discussion
    • After review and discussion, the following draft goals were selected for 2020:
      • 1) Push for an implementation, budget allocation, and wayfinding plan for our priority network including bridgehead connections
      • 2) Establish communication with the North Shore business community to discuss our goals and to understand and address their potential concerns
    • Key discussion points regarding candidate goals are as follows:
      • Combining candidate goals 1 and 2 appeared to effectively build upon our 2019 goal of 3 priority bikeways.
      • Although all felt the bike share program desirable, it is understood that the project may be on hold due to the business case as perceived by potential vendors, but also because there is simply a lack of infrastructure to support it. We should focus on making the routes safe first and then a program becomes more feasible including rationalizing parking displacement for storage corrals.
      • In general when making our case to the community or business groups there is a wealth of studies and information available to reference at PeopleforBikes.org, through Modacity, etc.
      • Connecting the bridgeheads can be rolled into our 3 priority routes.
      • Solution for Welch can also come from achieving our 3 priority routes.
      • Enhanced monitoring highly desirable particularly ensuring the right routes are chosen as examples. However, with such poor existing infrastructure and lack of connectivity the measured data today will not tell us much about the success of piecemeal projects. Again, potentially better to focus on priority route implementation and then apply best practices to those.
      • Pushing for more transparency. This is an ongoing liaison effort. Success varies by agency as well as by project manager. Key is establishing trust and a two-way flow of information. It was felt that presenting this as a broad goal to council might unfairly imply that staff aren't sharing info when it actually varies across the board.
      • MoTI is an ongoing liaison effort. Some of the items under their control such as MVA reform will have to be pushed up beyond our local committee of HUB.
      • Metro Van parks connections would be a suitable liaison for a keen volunteer.
      • Guided rides ultimately comes down to availability of volunteers. Also need better wayfinding.
      • Developer liaison being led by Fred. Ideas include offering new residents a HUB pass. Don would also like to communicate to understand any of their concerns and how we can be of help.
      • Should we explicitly promote e-Bikes? HUB is studying legislative impacts and BCCC is trying to get the PST removed. Noted that eBikes speed highlight the limitations of MUP accommodation. Also opportunities to borrow from bike shops for councillor / MLA use during bike to work week.
      • Is a bike highway along Upper Levels a reasonable long term goal?
      • Need to understand where INSTPP and "next" STPP is at and who is leading.


  • Schedule Meetings with North Shore MLAs
    • Funding for our Priority routes
    • Updating the MVA to a Safe Roads Act.
  • HUB HQ
    • Don to follow up to see if HUB are aware of data on business impacts to bike rental shops as a result of the Mobi project in Vancouver.

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Requests for Meetings and Information
    • Liaisons requested a meeting with staff in November. Staff responded saying it would be better to meet in January when they "will have fleshed out the engagement strategies for the phase 2 projects: Esplanade, Midtown (Keith/13th), Upper Levels east and designs for Phase 1 projects
    • Liaisons requested the construction drawings for the City portions of the Rapid Bus project in December (no response)
      • Action: both CNV and DNV leads (Jay) to try to obtain drawings so that we can provide commentary on pavement markings before final striping goes in in the spring.
  • Initiatives Tracker


  • Esplanade Protected Bike Lanes.
    • Protected bike lane will be open shortly along the Promenade development. Still some temporary conditions present.
    • HUB has asked for a copy or the drawings to review we still have not seen drawings
    • Don and Heather measured Esplanade both sides from Forbes to St. Georges
    • Timeline for Esplanade build out: Public consultation and design: 2020, construction: 2021
  • Priority Corridors for AAA Mobility Lanes passed
    • Phase 1 Off Marine Drive - for Rapid Bus project
    • Phase 2 Esplanade, Midtown (Keith/13th), Upper Levels east
  • Integrated Transportation Committee
    • How do we get HUB representative on this committee - appointments start 1-Feb-2020 for 2 years
    • Councillor Valente is aware of this and will work with committee on new terms of reference that include HUB member
  • Marine/Main/Low Level Corridor
    • Marine Drive still under heavy construction. Sharrow gap downstream of intersection and upstream of painted bike lane.
    • Cotton not yet complete. Likely need green paint in driveway conflict areas. Full markings not yet in place (see action item above).
    • Partial pathway connection complete to south side of 3rd.
  • Erika has been named to City's Environment and Climate Action committee which will provide an opportunity to focus on cycling.

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Ryan/Will

  • Issues tracker: [1]
  • Last meeting January 9th (prior to committee meeting): discussed 2020 and longer term goals with Ingrid for alignment with our committee goals discussion.
    • 2020 Work Plan (note - not budgeted or approved)
      • Marine Drive Bike Lane (south): DWV border - Cap Rd. This is part of priority corridor and bridgehead connection. Work delivered by DWV.
      • Spirit Trail MUP: CNV border to Seylynn Park including Hunter creek crossing.
      • LGV - CNV border (Tatlow - 15th local bikeway) incorporating HUB feedback on Route A. This is part of our priority Low Level corridor.
      • Maplewood - Deep Cove Spirit Trail Eastern extension planning only.
      • LVR & Surrounding neighbourhood parking strategy. This is an expanded scope on the trial bike lane project that was deferred.
      • LVTC - Edgemont (Queen's Rd) planning study. This would extend the bikeway west of 29th / 26th.
      • Deep Cove Corridor Study & Surrounding neighbourhood parking strategy. Potential for on or off road bike routes in planning stage only.
    • Future (2021-2023 - not budgeted or approved)
      • LVTC - Edgemont (Queen's Rd) implementation.
      • LCTC - LVTC (Kirkstone - Rufus) implementation incorporating HUB feedback on Route F. This is part of our priority Creek to Peak corridor. City would be delivering Casano-Loutet overpass connection on south side.
      • Capilano Rd (Ridgewood to Highway 1)
      • Main St from CNV border to Harbour. This is part of our priority Low Level corridor. Concept developed but numerous utility impacts to resolve.
      • Maplewood - Deep Cove (Spirit Trail Eastern) extension implementation.
    • Other items not in long range plan include Capilano Road under Highway 1, Deep Cove Rd Corridor Plan implementation, Mountain Highway from LCTC to Fromme (Creek to Peak alternative ), and Keith Rd (Brooksbank to Sutherland).
    • District trying to compete for funding with Vancouver and Surrey. Challenge is getting designs ready.
    • Lynn Valley Rd WB at Highway 1 on ramp. Conflicts with right turning vehicles noted. Although conduit installed for potential future flashers, would need MOTI approval. Potentially pursue as add-on when EB/NB bike lane provided.
    • Walk through being planned with Erin Moxon to review pathway wayfinding at new Mountain interchange and look for opportunities to extend north to connect with ArborLynn.
    • Riverside Drive delineators. Staff are aware of issues, however, drainage needs to be resolved before shoulder can be fixed. Looking at drainage options. Long term improvements are Town Centre development responsibilities.
  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd)
    • buffered bike lanes complete from William to Fromme. Still some markings to go in.
  • Lynn Valley Town Centre infrastructure
    • MUP being planned between Kirkstone Park and Emery Place as part of development - see online survey and provide comments [2]
    • protected bike lanes being completed through new "Town Centre Connector" extension of E29th from Lynn Valley Road to E27th - will need to wait for Safeway redevelopment to complete entire gap
    • protected bike lanes being completed for E27th from Mountain to "Town Centre Connector" and future "Creek to Peak" bikeway - will need to wait for Safeway redevelopment to complete entire gap
  • Targeted OCP Review
    • Phase 2 consultation to begin Spring 2020 [3]
  • Weekly Traffic Bulletin
    • Updated every Friday on DNV website and highlights not only construction closures / work zones but the purpose of the closures (i.e. new bike lanes, sidewalks etc) [4]
  • Next meeting with Staff- January 9, 2020 (same location just before committee meeting)
    • follow up on feedback provided for "Low Level" and "Creek to Peak" route options
    • integration with MOTI work on Lower Lynn next phases and how we can close remaining gaps along Main and Dollarton
    • pursue gap closure options for Lions Gate Bridge to McGuire / W 15th bike route
  • Seymour Estates redevelopment (Mount Seymour Parkway and Lytton) - potential to push for better infrastructure along frontage [5] The developer is planning to provide a large bike room at grade with secure enclosures for bikes.
  • 20 in 20: District put forward striping improvements to create a striped buffer between the bike lane and driving lane (new standard).
  • Pathway lighting on E Keith / Fern east of Lower Mountain - lights are not on in early evening darkness - email sent to DNV

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter

  • The installation of new wayfinding decision and confirmation signs has been completed on the MUPs at the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge.
  • Connection between Capilano Pacific Regional Trail at Woodcroft and Keith Rd at 3rd St is still under construction with three upper switchbacks completed.
  • A proposed modification of slide presentation has been prepared for the 10 February HUB delegation to brief Mayor and Council on 3-Bikeway strategy and other HUB priorities.
  • Liaisons will be meeting with District Engineering staff on January 22nd prior to the council delegation.
  • DWV priorities for 2020 include protected bike paths along the south side of Marine Drive between Taylor Way and municipal boundary to dovetail with N.Van bike paths at Lions Gate Village and 15th/Tatlow.
  • Construction of the Welch St Bridge/Spirit Trail improvement (by Park Royal) expected to begin this spring.
  • Propose to nominate the Hugo Ray Connector for the HUB 2019 cycling infrastructure award.
  • Jay to follow up with Paul on potential wayfinding links to connect Hugo Ray to existing North Vancouver paths/routes as requested by DNV staff.

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James/Martyn

  • Still need to summarize our meeting from last fall
  • Next step: build high-quality photo library of utility cycling on the North Shore that can be used for social media, communications and provided to the media (e.g. North Shore News)

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • Mountain Highway Interchange
    • Walk through planned with DNV staff to identify issues - likely end of January
    • After DNV walk through raise remaining issues in MOTI jurisdiction with project manager Jay Porter
  • Main-Dollarton Interchange
    • Provided feedback to MOTI on latest design and asked for more information on rebuilding approaches to existing tunnel and on potential new tunnel retrofit / redesign (under existing NB to WB off ramp loop).
    • Recommended bike path (bike highway) along east side of Hwy 1 between Main and Fern, to connect with new path system at Lillooet Interchange
  • Maintenance of bridges to Vancouver and Stanley Park Causeway
    • No response to our letter on this and other maintenance issues nor any changes to wayfinding
    • Causeway paths were swept in December by Miller Capilano on request (Antje) but northbound path badly overgrown with brambles, which is Vancouver Park Board responsibility.
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • HUB-NS to review and update priority cycling improvements in MOTI jurisdiction
    • Antje received Ungap the Map files from Vancouver committee/HUB HQ
    • Next step: Antje to draft priority cycling improvements in January and send to email discussion list for feedback

BC Ferries - Peter S

  • HSB Terminal input now closed. Our key issues:
    • Access to Ticket Booths from both Highway and Spirit Trail
    • Holding areas for Cyclists
    • Protected Bikepath from terminal to Exit 0 (Spirit Trail) and also to Highway shoulder
  • InterIsland Ferry design consultation just starting - need link

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • e-Bikes on Buses
  • Bike parking at Exchanges:

Schools - Tammy/Martyn

  • Presented at the North Shore Safety Council meeting Dec-4 about HUB's School Education programs that are available.
  • Next Steps?

Developers - Fred/Don

  • Cap Mall redevelopment - Initial Public comments -
    • requesting secure and Dry bike parking for shoppers and safe convenient parking for residents
    • will have a meeting with developers in January
  • TRC Maplewood Plaza mixed use development.
    • 75 long term residential/commercial bike parking/storage
    • 6 short term bike parking
    • Developer very receptive to concept of a secure bike room on EACH floor of building similar to adjacent Maplewood Plaza project already approved.