2019-10-10 Minutes

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Present - Don, Jay, Fred, Tammy, James, Fiona, Rob, Peter S, Heather, Amanda (new), Bosco (new)

  • Agenda additions - none
  • Introductions

Goals & Objectives


  • Draft Whitepaper on economic impacts of installing bike lanes.
    • Erika working on 1 page infographic slide
  • HUB State of Cycling project
    • Completion is delayed until December
  • Letters
    • Jill re: Jones overpass baffles (see CNV below)
    • Sacha re: secure weatherproof bike parking at schools (see potential school liaison below - our priority is still on the safe infrastructure needed to get kids to school)

Events - Fred

  • Rivers Day - Sept 22
  • Fall Bike to Work Week - Oct 21-25 2019
    • Celebration station Oct 22 at NE and of 2nd narrows 4-6:30pm
    • RCMP will be attending to promote Project 529 and other initiatives
    • ACTION: Don to follow up with Obsession Bikes and confirm attendance - confirmed

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Walk CNV

City's walking plan WALK CNV was adopted at Council Sept 9. It is pedestrian focused but according to Tony: "Among many many goodies is a commitment to develop a strategy for MUPs to manage safety for pedestrians as volumes increase." We need to push for separated cycling facilities as MUPs largely inappropriate for commuting and focuses too much on cycling just for recreation. See next item for potential inroad.

  • Council's 2018-2022 strategic plan

Envisions providing active and sustainable and ways for people to move around as part of the broader "healthiest small city in the world" vision. https://www.cnv.org/your-government/mayor-and-council/council-strategic-plan

  • Esplanade Protected Bike Lanes.

A new protected bike lane will be ready shortly along the Prominade development. This design has room for sidewalk, trees, bike lane, trees then car lane. there will be a textured surface separating the sidewalk and bike lane (similar to Carrall St approaching Expo Blvd in Vancouver) with the street trees between the bike lane and the curb. It will set the precedent for any new lanes.

    • A design concept for Esplanade was presented to ITC Oct 2 - HUB has asked for a copy to review.
    • Final concept will be presented to council in October - Council will approve or not. If approved the concepts will go to public consultation.
  • New Mosquito Creek Bridge there will be wide sidewalks for peds and cyclists and a pathway underneath to connect to the trail, though with the off Marine bike route, the Marine Drive bike lanes are not likely to stay. ** Marine Dr Mosquito Creek Bridge
  • Mackay MUP Parking has been removed in some segments. A wide MUP has been constructed on top of the dyke being built for flood mitigation and there will also be bike lanes on both sides with parked car buffers in places. Should be done soon. No sign yet of bike lanes and the MUP itself had not yet been finished as of this past week. Road is in poor condition next to the unpaved part of the MUP. Connection to other side of Marine remains to be seen.
  • New building at 3rd and Chesterfield now has an asphalt off-street bike path next to it but as of last Saturday had an obstacle on the path still. North side in front of 7-11 remains a constant issue.
  • Bikes Mean Business and the Lower Lonsdale BIA Central Lonsdale

Engagement and infographic forthcoming.

  • Oct 7th - Delegation to Council.
  • ""Integrated Transportation Committee"" -
    • How do we get HUB representative on this committee - appointments start 1-Feb-2020 for 2 years
    • We need a representative to attend these monthly meetings
    • Brent Hillier is currently on it.

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Ryan

  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd)
    • work is underway.
    • send thank you to councillors and those who sent supporting emails
  • Feedback discussion from Council delegation - October 7, 2019
    • lots of great questions put forward on eBikes, bike lanes on arterials, next steps in bike network expansion, Motor Vehicle Act changes, secure storage options
    • Transportation workshop in late November. ACTION: Don to prepare thank you letter to council and follow up with more explanatory responses to the questions we received such that council is informed prior to workshop.
  • Last meeting with Staff- October 8, 2019
    • consultant presentation from Bike Master Plan updates
    • discussion on potential "Low Level" and "Creek to Peak" route options via 15th and Brooksbank respectively. Some concerns regarding cut-through traffic volumes on 15th and grades / conflicts along Brooksbank. ACTION: Jay to compile feedback from group and provide to Ingrid.
    • Although the staff focus is on connecting new Town Centres, there is still a need to plug the gaps leading to First and Second Narrows crossings. ACTION: Don to include request to expand scope in delegation response letter above.
  • New protected bike lanes emerging along new Lynn Valley "Town Centre Connector" extension of 29th past Black Bear and into Safeway area
  • Ongoing correspondence with Steve Ono regarding delineators on Riverside Drive - these are generating close passes and driver aggression - request for signage / markings so it is clear bikes may take lane
  • Awaiting word on any 20 in 20 updates in the District.
  • Don in correspondence with District staff on delineator options for snow clearing as well as rumble strip details for buffered lanes.
  • Seymour Estates development on Seymour Parkway at Lytton Street. Fred indicated new development will have substantial on site bike boxes, however, no floor by floor parking.

District of West Vancouver - Peter

  • Hugo Ray connector progress underway and arranging for presence at grand opening
    • Grand Opening - Friday Nov 8 10-10:45am, Hugo Ray Park, West Van
    • Signage
    • Klee Wyck to 3rd
  • HUB NS delegation presentation to the mayor and council
  • Wardance Bridge - widening is still on hold as discussions with Squamish Nation are underway with respect to construction traffic impacts

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James/Martyn

  • Channels
    • Yahoo Group - still generates multiple messages daily, includes regulars and other who comment on particular items of interest
    • Twitter - Antje sends out local news, consider a message of the month (could be new projects, campaigns, etc)
    • FaceBook - James has offered to maintain a HUB NS account
    • HUB membership (NS) - 100 members on the North Shore and 2000+ in Metro Vancouver. Consider target of doubling members by a certain date with the intention of broadening the base and mobilizing a bigger group.
  • Communications
    • Upcoming HUB Events & meetings
    • Current cycling news & NS Issues
    • Publicizing opportunities to provide input (Public meetings, online surveys, ...)
    • Request for support of improvements & projects
    • Annual committee update - Don
  • How to expand our reach & effectiveness
    • Other groups - Cycle clubs, NSMBA, Safety Council and bicycle skills training groups, possibly recruit one or more PAC members from each school on the North Shore so they are aware of our efforts to increase bike to school
    • Local media (NS News & Global Canadian)
    • Influence developers with respect to on-site bike parking, reduced vehicle parking requirements, benefits of bike lanes
    • Influence council through the annual spring ride-to-work, possibly loan members an eBike so they can experience it
    • Outreach to business - be proactive rather than reactive - explain our goals and get them onside with the business case for better biking
  • Recruiting "interested but concerned" people
    • Membership coordinator?
    • adopt-a-gap
    • reach out to people who cc us on letters/emails to governments.
  • Create a library of good/bad infrastructure on the North Shore
    • Need a volunteer(s) and a list of locations.

BC Ferries - Peter S

  • Stakeholders meeting Oct 7th - Peter attended
  • Public Meeting Oct 7th
  • online public input form - Peter / Don drafting letter expressing concerns with respect to:
    • need for access to ticket booths from both Highway and Spirit Trail
    • need for safe and convenient holding areas for Cyclists
    • need for protected bikepath from terminal to Exit 0 (Spirit Trail) and also to Highway shoulder
    • address shoulder pinch point along Highway 1 eastbound off the terminal

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • e-Bikes on Buses - Update on HUB HQ discussions with TransLink

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • Lions Gate Bridge and Causeway project this winter/spring to maintain reversible lane lights system
    • Antje met with MOTI staff
    • work will take place along the road and on the sidewalks where the electrical boxes are
    • construction management for cyclists will be the same as during the construction of the Causeway pathways
    • bridge work will be done only at night and cyclists will be detoured from sidewalk onto car lane closed to car traffic
  • Mountain Highway Interchange
    • top lift paving and pavement markings emerging - need to monitor intersection, particularly right-turn-on-red conflicts (HUB had requested a ban on these) as well as sufficient width for bike/trailer combos to navigate protected intersection channels
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
    • No changes have been observed since summer correspondence from Operations Manager
    • Fencing holes still not fixed, no response yet to letter sent by HUB
  • Lower Lynn Interchanges next phases
    • Meeting with Jay Porter October 18 to provide design updates
  • Upper Levels planning study
    • to obtain contact info and ensure HUB input is provided - the study is focusing on remainder of Upper Levels west of the new Lower Lynn Interchanges



  • doing a publicity campaign on Bike Theft & 529
  • will join our B2WW Celebration Station

Bike to School

  • Should we have a Liaison to other groups and/or the school district?
  • we have had 2 interested parties