2019-08-08 Minutes

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Thursday Aug 8, 2019.

Attendees: Fred, Don, Lyle, Rhiannon, Heather, Peter S,

2019 Objectives


  • Draft Whitepaper on economic impacts of installing bike lanes.
    • Erika working on 1 page infographic slide
  • Letters
    • Brenda re Dollarton/Cap U residences - no update
    • Lyle re unsafe Lynn trail detours
      • Jay had meeting with Jay Porter in July, not much action, they will reopen the main trail for school start.
      • Jay Porter's response was they would look into it but little seems to have been done.
    • Don re broken rails on causeway
      • these are the same as the ones as 2nd Narrows which are also damaged and all are awaiting repair - Jay to follow up
    • Rhiannon re Ironworkers signage creating conflict
      • Jay sent proposed signage quick fix to help provide positive guidance - [1] see responses in MoTI section
      • Also forwarded to DNV (John Carney) and they may add them to their comments to MOTI
  • Bowen Island - Have $$ for cross island bike route
    • need a champion to drive this
  • MVA Update
    • HUB did an email to MLA's campaign based on the Esplanade dooming fine. Got a big response.
    • Jane Thornthwaite requested a meeting with us (Don). Discussed HUB's request for updating to Safe Roads act and our goals.

Events - Fred

  • Parkgate Community- early September
  • Fall Bike to Work Week - Oct 21-25 2019

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

July 17th meeting with staff

'''Projects Update'''

Esplanade Protected Bike Lanes. A new protected bike lane will be ready shortly along the Prominade development. This design has room for sidewalk, trees, bike lane, trees then car lane. there will be a textured surface separating the sidewalk and bike lane (similar to Carrall St approaching Expo Blvd in Vancouver) with the street trees between the bike lane and the curb. It will set the precedent for any new lanes. Staff cannot remove parking unless there is a council directive to do so. There is some concern that if parking is removed, businesses will respond negatively. Staff are aware that changes are required and quickly, but would like to include an education component to help avoid negative feedback. A design concept for Esplanade will be presented to council in September. Council will approve or not. If approved the concepts will go to public consultation. HUB will be asked to review more detailed designs.

Off Marine Drive Route. Part of HUB's Main and Marine (M&M) route. Staff are exploring 3 different routes: 1) Marine Drive, 2) 3rd and 15th , 3) 1st Street. Of the three the 1st Street route seems the easiest to proceed with, though long term the 3rd and 15th street route would be more pleasant. Marine Drive would mix bikes with buses. We expressed that bikes and buses don’t mix. There will be a bus every minute and realistically, that design will not increase (bike) ridership. Staff recognize the 1st Street route will need alterations to the section between Bewicke and Mackay. Fell and 1st is a high cycle-car conflict zone due to right turns. The segment where the road curves over the creek and merges into 2nd is a tough spot due to the overhead. The conceptual routes will go to council and when they do, will be made public (HUB can review them then). Staff are planning public education and consultation to avoid negative feedback.

3rd Street at Cotton chicane. Erika asked about the push button. The push button will be replaced by a detector loop and a light that indicates to cyclists that the flashers are “on”

3rd Street hill. The storm sewer project is underway and the pavement and bus lane markings will go down this week. The bike route is off-street through the park on the south side in this location. North side will remain as is until slope stabilization occurs (to be paid for by development)

New Mosquito Creek Bridge there will be wide sidewalks for peds and cyclists and a pathway underneath to connect to the trail, though with the off Marine bike route, the Marine Drive bike lanes are not likely to stay. ** Marine Dr Mosquito Creek Bridge

Mackay Street Parking has been removed in some segments. A wide MUP is being constructed on top of the dyke being built for flood mitigation and there will also be bike lanes on both sides with parked car buffers in places. Should be done soon. Apart from access across from 16th this is looking good (though still a MUP).

29th Street. If the District holds its position on the bike lanes, then the City will do the same. Staff noted that the alternate route put forward by a resident ties in with the City’s planned Upper-Level Greenway above the highway which is a receiving priority from Council and links to Casano Loutet overpass.

16th between Mackay and Fell. To get a proper facility, one side or both sides parking needs to be removed. However, staff are aware of the high potential in that area for bikelash and know they will have to go to public with education and consultation. Residential off-street parking was underbuilt for present demand. Staff are exploring other options and are aware this segment is a significant gap. Erika made the suggestion to make it a one-way street.

Casano Bridge and connections up to Lynn Valley. The bridge needs another 2.5 million in funding which staff hope to get next year. HUB will review connections and routes up to and from the bridge to Lynn Valley Center. Staff feel this could be part of the Harbour to Headwater route. They are looking at which of 13th, 15th or 17th to use as the connector. 17th goes straight through to Rufus, which is the road leading up to the bridge. 13th is 3 blocks away from completing a route to Grand Blvd. 15th is very busy and not in the current BMP. We will see conceptual routes in late 2019. ** Casano – Loutet Overpass - funding

Routes up from Brooksbank at Keith are being explored. Better to use Salop trail or local streets?


  • The TAC guidelines for geometric design were updated with a chapter on bicycle facilities (June 2017). City infrastructure that does not meet the guidelines will be reviewed - one result of the Esplanade death.
  • New signage through the bus shed at Lonsdale Quay will remind all users to be courteous of other users. There is no requirement for a dismount. The same signage will be applied to the Jones overpass (woot!).
  • Staff have developed protected lane design standards for Chesterfield. When a new development comes forward, the building must comply with standards that accommodate protected bike lanes on both sides. The first example of this = below 3rd Street on the east side. This process is automatic now. When a development occurs that does not substantially alter the block (eg the SW corner of 16th and Chesterfield) the boulevard is future proofed to ensure appropriate space for the bike path to be constructed later. If the block is substantially altered (1/2 or more) the City aims to work with the developer to deliver a complete block of bike path. Above 21st is more difficult because the road allowance is skinnier. This may also result in the removal of parking. Note that the plan is laid, but it will take years for the full implementation as it relies on re-development.
  • One-way streets came up a couple of times as a way to include protected bike lanes. The street under discussion was 16th between Mackay and Fell.
  • Staff report that conflicts between different users along the Spirit Trail are increasing in popular segments, in particular the new section through the Mosquito Creek Marina.

* eBike Share Update Postponed - Staff expect to be able to share more information later this summer. New North Shore Mobility Options Coordinator, Zach Mathurin He will be the main point of contact for e-bike share on behalf of the three municipalities.

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Antje

  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd)
    • work is underway.
    • send thanks you to councillors and those who send supporting emails
  • Meeting with Staff- August 7, 2019
    • focus on wayfinding on 15th but also upcoming projects
    • comprehensive signage plan for 15th and Lower Capilano area provided for comment. Jay will compile comments from Antje, Giacomo and Paul (DWV perspective)
    • issues tracker updated and sent to Ingrid
    • Lower Mountain and E Keith crossing conflicts with left and right turn vehicles - letter detailing concerns submitted - analysis underway by staff but no commitment to change anything
    • Ross Road bridge replacements - no cycling infrastructure included in project (widened bridges with new sidewalks) - staff are pausing to assess impacts of 29th Street completion before proceeding with new installations
    • Lower Mountain and Oxford - protected cycle path design input provided to staff
    • Lynn Valley Road - pilot project uphill bike lane from Mountain to Kilmer - this has been delayed as staff are pausing to assess impacts of 29th Street completion before proceeding with new installations
    • Status of other pilot projects - planning is underway for extending bikeways into Edgemont Village which would include Queens Road (current pilot termination). Both a direct and "scenic" routes are being developed with the direct getting priority
    • staff will let us know when DNV receives grants and other outside funding for cycling projects - we can communicate the good news to HUB members and publicly (social media)

District of West Vancouver - Peter S

  • Meeting with Staff - 17 Jun.
    • Klee Wyck to 3rd
      • Hugo Ray connector between HWY 1 Cap river bridge and Hugo ray Park (and on to Taylor way) with connection to trail below, is underway.
      • Work underway
      • More underway
    • Upper level route
    • Capilano Pacific Trail to Keith Road
    • Marine Drive and Taylor Way connections
    • LG Bridge signage
      • Bike BC funding for a protected bike lane on Marine Drive eastward from the Lions Gate Bridge.
    • Spirit Trail speed management
      • Sound like they will drop the baffle gates with post and just use rubble strips as we suggested.
  • 12 June meeting between Squamish Nation and Park Royal re widened sidewalk on Welch Street Bridge over the Capilano River.
    • The work should start on this in spring 2020 hopefully
  • Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan - Phase 1 - Visioning meetings

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James

Not discussed

BC Ferries - Peter S

No updates

Translink - Fred/Antje

No updates

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • Lions Gate Bridge west sidewalk closure this fall/winter
    • email from MOTI to HUB-NS about upcoming Lions Gate Bridge reversible lane control system upgrade project
    • west sidewalk will be closed two months
    • Antje to arrange meeting with MOTI to provide HUB input to facilitate safe movements of cyclists and pedestrians during the closure
  • Mountain Highway Interchange
    • walk though of Mountain/Brooksbank intersection with Jay Porter and Mike Farnyk (contractor rep) - still no changes - question was asked whether DNV could step in as some of the project falls within their jurisdiction
    • signage and striping incomplete, considering options to allow westbound sidewalk riding on Keith Road
    • upcoming detours will move cyclists to west side of Mountain via two-way fenced path - need to ensure proper signage, adequate width for uphill/downhill travel and connectivity to crosswalk at ArborLynn
    • summer closure of pathway connection under Highway 1 - sidewalk detour signed via Keith / Fern - issues with sidewalk riding and narrow pinch points
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge signage
    • Operations Manager Don Legault responded to complaint regarding conflicts on the pathways and a proposed wayfinding signage plan prepared by Jay. In order for a lane or path to be used in both directions by cyclists, the minimum width must be three metres, which is why the ministry installed signs showing the direction of travel across the bridge for cyclists. MoTI District staff to review the current signs and their locations. They will then ask their Traffic Operations engineering group to review the signing on the IWMB sidewalks, to determine if they need to be updated or changed to different signs or any new signs need to be added. These may include; possible speed limits on the sidewalks of the bridge, Bell or Yell when overtaking signs, one way signs if deemed appropriate, or other alternatives.
    • Note from Antje: This issue has been raised by individuals since the new sidewalks have been completed in 2015. HUB-NS discussed several times with the MOTI bridge project manager. Because of the insufficient sidewalk width and resulting safety concerns, especially considering the significant grade and cycling speeds on the bridge, HUB-NS did not challenge MOTI's decision for one-way signage. A highway overpass on the south side of the bridge would solve perceived concerns about one-way bike travel across the bridge (along with the planned Main-Dollarton interchange improvements) and increase connectivity on the Vancouver side where the highway ramps and tunnels create significant barriers to cycling and walking. If there is committee interest in moving ahead with the highway overpass we can work with HUB Vancouver and BCCC.
    • MoTI are currently designing the Main/Dollarton interchange as part of the Lower Lynn interchanges project. The cycling connections will be changing as the project is constructed. They will also be including way-finding signs as part of the design, the Project Manager will be reviewing the examples Jay Jardine provided as part of their review.
    • A follow up response from Gabriel Lord confirmed that MoTI looked at this location as part of the 20 in 20 challenge and suggested similar upgrades for clearer delineation of routes under the bridge. They have not completed their review of the ‘Quick Fix’ options yet, but the findings at the Main Street/Hwy 1 site, along with the other locations, will be passed on to the team to aid in finding a solution to the problem once they are complete.
  • Thats it.