2019-07-11 Minutes

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  • Agenda additions - none
  • Attendance - Don P, *, Fiona, Peter Coles, Mary McWilliam, Martyn, Fred, Jay

2019 Objectives


  • RAC meeting - Ryan
  • All Committee Meeting - Thurs July 27, 18:30-20:30, in Surrey - Don & Fred
    • Vancouver no longer organizes B2WW stations, just provides a couple volunteers per station (to gather comments & recruit)
    • Using rides to identify problems on routes and generate submission to municipal staff - also encourages new people to get engaged.
  • Review of HUB State of Cycling maps for the North Shore - comments submitted for all three munis, this is part of the baseline assessment of what is currently officially designated for comparison with best practices
    • Classifications: meeting with TransLink's Transportation Planning SubCommittee (TPSC) Friday, July 12th
  • Letters
    • Brenda re Dollarton/Cap U residences - two-way MUP ends abruptly, HUB have long noted these pathways lead to conflicts and are not best practice. Maplewood redevelopments may facilitate conversion to one-way protected paths.
    • Lyle re unsafe Lynn trail detours - relates to walk through with HUB, lots of signage still missing, leading people to failure
    • Don re broken rails on Stanley Park causeway - these are the same railings as the 2nd Narrows and have similar issues - they are not designed to contain vehicles - currently both north ends damaged at 2nd Narrows - apparently an issue with ordering specialized rail and new maintenance contractor getting up to speed.

Events - Fred

  • Canada Day at Waterfront park - July 1, Fred & Don
    • They had have bike valet, but it needed more advertising.
    • Lots of visitors, great day

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Councilor Meetings re our goals
    • Heather met with all councilors during June and is meeting with Mayor Buchanan next week.
    • City Staff are working on a Mobility strategy. I am trying to find out more about what this is.
    • Councillors had varying levels of awareness regarding the Bicycle Master Plan. New councillors did not know about it or the history of the AAA network approval in the City.
  • HUB Delegation to council is scheduled for October 7th.
    • The City obviously cannot act alone in these goals, so staff will need to coordinate across the three municipalities.
    • However, if the City adopts the 3 routes, we have a better chance of convincing the two districts to do the same.
  • Seabus Drop Off
    • The new locations are an improvement and they were implemented very rapidly.
  • Bylaw Enforcement
    • Has greatly improved thanks to efforts from Bylaws manager Paul Duffey.
    • Both in bike lane parking and poor traffic management by construction companies have been warned and fined.
  • Completed Infrastructure Improvements (woot!)
    • Thanks to the City for new delineators protecting the bike lane on 13th from St Georges west to Whole foods
    • Also new delineators protecting the bike lane on lower Chesterfield
  • Staff Meetings - proposed agenda:
    • Erika and Heather are meeting with staff next week. This is a combined meeting with both planning staff and engineering.
    • Projects to find out times frames and when we can get a design to review:
      • Esplanade
      • Casano Bridge and connections to Lynn Valley
      • New Mosquito Creek Bridge
      • Brooksbank and Keith
        • Where are the islands that were shown in the design Erin Moxon showed us? Will they be in the next phase?
      • 29th Street
      • Third Street off-street bike lane
        • Need to see designs – construction for the new water main has started. Can we shift the push button at cotton to the right hand side of the chicane?
      • Main to Marine (off main section)

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Antje

  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd) - council continue to support plan, need to monitor. Residents presented alternative routing via St Christophers, gravel pathway north of Upper Levels and onto 26/27th. This alternative route is currently used by most cyclists in the area, however it would require signing/lighting and other upgrades to meet AAA. Would also not connect to the Town Centre as it ends short of Fromme Road.
  • Next meeting - scheduled with Ingrid end July/first week of August - focus on wayfinding on 15th but also upcoming projects.
  • Present to council - October 7th date confirmed.
  • Lower Mountain and E Keith crossing conflicts with left and right turn vehicles - letter detailing concerns submitted - analysis underway by staff but no commitment to change anything'
  • Ross Road bridge replacements - no cycling infrastructure included in project (widened bridges with new sidewalks) - Jay to follow up with Ingrid and request striping even if connections are not complete - otherwise will become another free parking entitlement.
  • Lower Mountain and Oxford - protected cycle path design input provided - only a small section of a broader street network upgrade - HUB to continue to seek details as they emerge.
  • Lynn Valley Road - pilot project uphill bike lane from Mountain to Kilmer
  • Status of other pilot projects - can we enhance / extend these? - Jay to follow up with Ingrid at next meeting.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter S

  • Meeting with Staff - 17 Jun - proposed agenda:
    • Klee Wyck to 3rd
    • Upper level route
    • Keith Road Bridge
    • LG Bridge signage
    • Marine Drive-15th Ave coordination with DNV/CNV
      • Bike BC funding for a protected bike lane on Marine Drive eastward from the Lions Gate Bridge.
    • Spirit Trail speed management
    • 12 June meeting between Squamish Nation and Park Royal re widened sidewalk on Welch Street Bridge over the Capilano River.

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James

  • Deferred to Aug meeting when more can attend

BC Ferries - Peter S

  • no update

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • Letter to Translink re Lonsdale Quay - pinged Rex, still no response
    • Don to investigate how to escalate.

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • walk though of Mountain/Brooksbank intersection with Jay Porter and Mike Farnyk (contractor rep)
    • signage and striping incomplete, considering options to allow westbound sidewalk riding on Keith Road
    • upcoming detours will move cyclists to west side of Mountain via two-way fenced path - need to ensure proper signage, adequate width for uphill/downhill travel and connectivity to crosswalk at ArborLynn
    • summer closure of pathway connection under Highway 1 - sidewalk detour signed via Keith / Fern - issues with sidewalk riding and narrow pinch points