2019-04-11 Minutes

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Giacomo, Fiona, Don, Peter S, Peter T, Fred, Erika, Heather, Justin, Ryan, Tammy, Rob

2019 Objectives

  • 3 Top Priority Bikeways + Active Transportation Coordinator Presentation
    • Liaisons will schedule meeting with 1st Councillors before next meeting


  • RAC meeting -
    • Ryan will be our new RAC representative.
  • BC Active Transport Strategy - Please provide your comments
    • Last chance to contribute, will end soon
  • 2019 20in20 - Liaison to add updates to Erika's google maps website.

Events - Fred

  • Earth Day at Loutet Farm - Apr 27, 10:00-13:00 - Fred, Dianne
  • Bike the Shore - May 5 or July 20 10:00-14:00 - Lynn Valley Village Square - Ryan & Fred
  • Bike to Work Week - May 27-Jun2 2019
    • Tue May-28: NE end of 2nd Narrows - 16:00-18:30
    • Thur May-30: 19th & Grand Blvd - 16:00-18:00 - could use a couple more to staff the booth
  • Blueridge Good Neighbour Day - June 2, 11:00-15:00 - need 2 more to staff the booth
  • Canada Day at Waterfront park - July 1,
  • Others? - Caribbean Days, Salmon Festival, ???
  • Bike to School - Peter T and Tammy asked about our involvement. Historically we have left this to Safe Streets & HASTE. Requested that Peter T & Tammy discuss with these groups & PACs and find out if there is more we can do.

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Bike Valet - report to council
  • Highlights from Feb 11 meeting
  • Next meeting -
    • B-Line changes to include 2 sections of off street bikepath: 1) On Third Street along Moodyville Park moving east on the south side 2) from Gladstone to Brooksbank on the southside only. Sent a Letter to Mayor, Council and Staff regarding support for B-Line in general, but also asking for safe bike routes. The route includes Esplanade which really needs fixing.
    • Don and Heather responded to a request for comment from CBC regarding the death of the person cycling along Esplanade. When we get the details, we will think about a HUB response.
    • We have requested monthly meetings with staff (but have not heard back)
    • Attended the INSTPP meeting with TransLink and MLA Bowinn Ma. Many pro-cycling people in the room.
  • CNV response re collision on Green Necklace
  • Action items: plan meetings with Councillors to present our goals

District of North Vancouver - Giacomo

  • no February meeting
    • new wayfinding signage - receipt of comments acknowledged for LLTC to LVTC proposed routing and wayfinding - no ETA for staff completion
    • Cycling & Work Zones - receipt of comments acknowledged
    • NV Bike masterplan update - RFP for consultants released - to follow up at May meeting
  • Provided comments on 1st / Mackay buffered bike lanes - to follow up at April meeting
  • Bike BC funding support request re: 29th Avenue. Letter of support provided - to follow up at May meeting with conditions for future requests to staff (i.e. must be AAA, preferred on our priority routes).
  • Mountain Highway / Brooksbank temporary configuration - some comments provided to MoTI regarding narrow bike lane striping on Keith, looking for other user observations.
  • Preference for 27th as alternative to 29th in BMP provided to staff.
  • B-Line ride-through with staff, comments and input provided on bike lane design and separation.
  • DNV has confirmed construction of bike lane on Mountain Highway north of Lynn Valley Rd, with removal of parking spaces on east side of road
  • Presentation to bike-friendly Councillors - TBD
  • Next meeting - 2nd week of May

District of West Vancouver - Peter S

BC Ferries - Peter S/Fred/Don

  • Workshop on Next Generation Ferries Apr-2 - Paul & Fred attended
  • Upcoming joint meeting BCF: HUB HQ (Andrew), BCCC (Peter Stary), HUB NS (Peter Scholefield)
    • Horseshoe Bay Terminal Development Plan - Public input delayed until fall, now to be coordinated with West Van's Horseshoe Bay Local Area Plan

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • e-Bikes on Buses - Fred will continue to encourage Andrew to have TransLink allow e-bikes (batteries on buses)
  • Bike parking at Exchanges:

MOTI - Giacomo/Antje

  • New meeting with Jay Porter to be requested