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* [[HUB RAC letters to TransLink]]
* [[HUB RAC letters to TransLink]]
* [[HUB RAC Publications ]] , press releases, more generic documents
* [[HUB RAC Publications ]] , press releases, more generic documents
* [[HUB RAC Meetings ]] , meetings notes
== Wiki Access ==
== Wiki Access ==

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Welcome to the Wiki of HUB Cycling's Regional Advisory Committee

The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) is comprised of volunteers from across Metro Vancouver who represent HUB Cycling on regional cycling issues and routes that affect cyclists across Metro Vancouver.

In Spring 2012, HUB Cycling became the new name of what was formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC). Some documents may therefore refer to the VACC instead of HUB.

RAC meets from 6.30-7.30pm on the third Thursday of every month. If you are interested in dialling into meetings please email action@bikehub.ca

Listed below are documents that RAC has produced to represent HUB Cycling's position on recent issues.

HUB Cycling documents

Wiki Access

To modify pages, please request an account by contacting action@bikehub.ca.

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