Meeting Summary: September 5, 2013

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Fiona, Nelson, Dianne, Trent, Helen, and guest appearance by Norm Wong, transportation engineer with the District of West Van
  2. West Van updates - discussion with Norm Wong
    • Keith Road: section adjacent to the Evelyn Drive development has been repaved with sidewalk and sharrows - DWV will continue similar upgrade west to 11th Street - 11th to 13th including Clyde Ave traffic calming project is in a planning stage with the next open house scheduled 10 October, 6 – 8 p.m. in the gymnasium at Hollyburn Elementary School, 1329 Duchess Avenue.
    • TravelSmart, DWV and WV Community Centre Fair - to encourage people to walk, bicycle or use public transit -Thursday 26 September and Saturday 28 September - HUB-NS invited to have a booth - contact Emily Willobee at 604 921-2178 or
    • DWV Cycling Implementation Plan phase 1 to be completed by 1 October
    • Plan to improve the section of the Capilano Pacific Trail between the two bridges over the Capilano River to connect to the Spirit Trail is in a negotiation phase to get approval to proceed
    • Spirit Trail West - 3 zones: 1. Seaview Walk to remain essentially unchanged; 2. proposed improvement to trail behind Gleneagles Community Centre and continue in front to Gleneagles school to traffic circle; and 3. traffic circle to Horseshoe Bay village - open house on phases 1 and 2 to be held at Great Hall at the Gleneagles Golf Clubhouse, 6190 Marine Drive from 1800-2000 0n 1 October - Norm wants our input on his proposal for phase 3 to widen the sidewalk on Exit 0 (from the BC Ferry terminal) down to the stairway that leads to Chatham Street and construct a switchback path beside the stairway down to Chatham Street then continue west on Chatham Street then south on Royal Avenue into Horseshoe Bay village - we suggest that the Exit 0 traffic lane (one-way traffic uphill) be used for cyclists proceeding uphill from Horseshoe Bay village to Marine Drive because it is a good grade, little traffic and plenty of width with paved shoulders on both sides
    • Long range plan for Spirit Trail - a working group has been considering options but the cooperation of CN Rail is needed and has been difficult to get - we suggest launching a major lobbying effort including support from MP and MLAs to get CN to agree to allow sections of the Spirit Trail on CN right-of-way - Norm will provide us with a contact for CN
    • Wardance bridge over the Capilano River east of Park Royal South - we complain about the placement of sharrows close to the curbs instead of the middle of the lanes as the share-the-road signs indicate - Norm says these are temporary measures until a wider multi-purpose path is constructed to make the crossing safer for cyclists proceeding between sections of the Spirit Trail on either side of the river - we suggest narrow green-painted lanes with bicycle symbols in the middle of the two traffic lanes
    • Repaving Marine Drive west of 21st Street - 22nd to 24th just completed and Norm says curb lanes are wide enough (4.3 m) for sharrow lanes but Peter says only the south side curb lane is wide enough, not the north side curb lane
  3. Monthly meeting location & time in 2014
    • start at 1830 on Thursdays
    • let's look at possible options for a different location in North Van - Fiona will check with the City of NV
  4. Roll and Stroll Bike/Walk Festival Edgemont Village October 5 (Mary Ellen, Erin, by email)
    • We will be participating in this event on Saturday Oct 5th. The event runs 10-2 pm.
    • It is a family event with 1000-1500 people expected. HUB will be getting some sort of stamp as participants will have an event passport.
    • We will need some volunteers for the booth. Erin and most likely Mary Ellen will be volunteering, but they'd like a few more people. We can discuss shifts if people can't do the whole shift.
    • Send an email to Mary Ellen and Erin if you can help out on Oct 5th.
  5. Create "low hanging fruit" list for North Shore municipalities (Antje)
    • Daniel Watson asked for one e.g. curb drops
    • Annie Kim from DNV is also interested
    • Trent will try to find a list from his time with JBAC
    • Peter will review notes from the West Van Cycling Plan Technical Committee which had made a list
    • Hope to get started on a list in time for the next meeting on 3 October
    • Antje will send out a link to list on Google doc
    • Could include inexpensive improvements such as paint, signage, curb drops
  6. Develop report card for North Shore municipalities
    • Let's form subgroup to work on report card - need to develop criteria
    • Antje collected financial expenditure data on cycling infrastructure from each municipality which would be one possible component to include in a report card
  7. Low Level Road cycling closure (Heather or Antje)
    • see Heather's recent email - off 3rd Street hill and signage - Port Metro Vancouver is difficult to work with
    • Let's see if improvements to detour signage are made
  8. Meeting with North Van-Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite in July (Nelson, Antje)
    • did not discuss, Oct meeting
  9. Emergency management exercise for cyclists in Victoria
    • Fiona participated as part of a group of 40 volunteer cyclists who transported items like bottles of water and 2 eggs - took 2 hours - St John's Ambulance was there
    • could do an exercise in NV with NS emergency management, perhaps next summer on a Saturday morning