Meeting Summary: October 9, 2014

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  1. Attendance and introductions
    • Dianne Murray, Heather Drugge, Ben Armstrong, Devan McClelland, Rob Clinton, Don McPherson, Fiona Walsh
  2. Agenda approval/changes additions
  3. Commuter station for Fall Bike to Work Week October 27-31 (Dianne)
    • We will host a 3rd North Shore station on Thursday afternoon near 2nd Narrows Bridge. Fiona and Dianne will organize and ask for volunteers who want to participate, including a bike shop. Fiona brought BTWW posters for all to post.
  4. Jones Ave - Green Necklace (all)
    • Heather is requesting feedback on the new necklace, running directly in front of Carson Graham School and Mahon Park. Conceived as a pedestrian path and later for cyclists. Jones is an AAA route in the City plan and with the new bumpouts, a cyclist must take the road if a cyclist does not want to try to use the new path.
    • The will of the meeting was to let the City know that Jones is not a AAA facility for cyclists.
  5. West Van highway-3rd Street connection (all)
  6. Vote to Bike Campaign (Heather)
    • In the past, we have sent questions to all candidates and have published their comments on the North Shore HUB wiki. HUB Headquarters is sending out the first set of questions on Oct. 14.
    • It was suggested that we could print the responses and distribute the responses at our BTWW station.
    • Heather will invite all candidates for councillor to attend the next meeting.
  7. New Keith Bridge design (Heather)
    • It is being replaced and will link the highway with East Keith. After discussion with the District they agreed that there was going to be a barrier between bikes and motor vehicles. However, the group would have preferred a 1.5 metre bike lane plus 0.6 shy distance from the barrier in preference to the current design without shy distance included. There is also no height difference between pedestrians and cyclists, similar to multi-use paths but with painted line between pedestrians and cyclists.
    • HUB letter with feedback sent to North Van District council and staff:
    • Seylynn & Bridgman Parks plan survey open until Oct 22 There is still time to respond to the routing of the Spirit Trail or bridge links. Heather will send out the links to the yahoo groups list.
  8. Bike ride with North Van District staff (Antje)
    • Antje participated in a ride through Lower Lynn and Maplewood with transportation and parks staff. Goal of the ride was mainly to identify possible Spirit Trail connections and other cycling improvements.
    • Some interesting updates: Barrow route to the Ironworkers bridge will be completed this fall with a new path at the back of the gravel lot to the on-ramp sidewalk. The District is looking at adding a curb drop at the corner of Main and Mtn Hwy where the sidewalk was recently rebuilt (without drop). There will be a couple of new connections/multi-use paths in Maplewood as part of the redevelopments. The Seymour Greenway will be built along the river by Maplewood Farm, unpaved for environmental reasons.
  9. Lower Capilano Village
    • Dianne provided feedback, but did not attend the meeting.
  10. TAC Conference in Montreal (Fiona)
    • As a member of Canada Bikes, Fiona attended the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) conference in Montreal. Montreal has some two-way 1.5 X 1.5m separated bike lanes which are growing dangerous as more people use them. Left turn hazard from cars and cyclists cannot pass each other. She participated in a Bixi bike ride tour of Montreal and workshops on complete streets (friendly to all forms of transportation). Gavin Davidson of Alta Planning is working on the next edition of the TAC geometric guidelines to ensure they contain good roadway designs for cycling.
  11. Next meeting is November 13, 2014