Meeting Summary: November 10, 2016

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  • Introductions
    • Attendees: Antje (chair), Fred, Nelson, Erika, Heather, Peter, Don P (notes), Fiona.
    • Guests: Lisa Parker and Adolfo Majano, City of North Vancouver
  • City of North Vancouver presentation of West Keith & 13th St designs
    • Detailed design is to be complete Feb 2017 and construction will run through July 2017. Additional funding available through Bike BC 242K$ and possibly Translink.
    • Third open house results: most positive comment was in favour of the off-road (separated) bike lane uphill on W Keith. The most requested improvement was to add an off-road downhill bike lane.
    • Several uphill sections will only have painted 0.8m buffers to traffic lanes. Flex posts were suggested for better protection.
    • Uphill at Chesterfield 1.6m bike lane with no buffer. Flex posts were suggested.
    • Downhill will be sharrows. A protected bike lane would be beside parking, this would require moving the traffic lanes into the median which is full of utilities. This is expensive and is seen as phase 2. Parking reduction was suggested as a cheaper option.
    • Action: Adolfo to send slides to HUB-NS. HUB-NS to provide written feedback.
  • Minutes Review
    • Did not review October meeting summary
  • Bike to Work Week station at Second Narrows Bridge
    • Well attended in spite of rain, thanks to Obsession for 2nd tent & draw prize
    • COBS Bread, Stong's Market & Moja Coffee provided food & drinks
  • DNV Update
    • 1923, 1935, 1947 and 1959 Purcell Way preliminary redevelopment plans - next to Capilano University (Nelson)
      • Opportunity to improve cycling infrastructure and connection to Capilano U and Lillooet Rd above Purcell Way
    • 1503-1519 Crown Street redevelopment - Lynn Creek Town Centre (Antje)
      • HUB letter sent re separated bike lanes into intersection. Public hearing for rezoning is Tuesday, Nov 15.
    • Maplewood design charette Oct 18 & 19 (Nelson)
      • Nelson and Fiona reported on charette. Public open house on Oct 19, but not much presented on transportation.
      • Plan includes the ped/cycle bridge across Hwy from Lynn Creek Town Centre with funding through Lower Lynn Interchanges.
    • HUB delegation to council Nov 21, 7pm
      • Tony to give HUB update on 2016 activities to council
  • CNV Update
    • HUB delegation to council Dec 5
      • Tony to give HUB update on 2016 activities to council
  • DWV Update
    • No update