Meeting Summary: November 1, 2012

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  • Dianne, Bob, Bill, Nelson, Antje, Heather, Fiona, Peter, Jay
  • Guests: Chris & Ian, bus drivers from CAW111

Education & Outreach

  • Bus-bike conflicts and solutions (Chris Smith, CAW111 Accident Adjudication)
    • Cyclists in westbound bus lane on Marine Drive on to Lions Gate bridge
    • Nicola to Bute on Georgia: uphill cyclists hold up buses - talk to Vancouver HUB about getting lines to use side walk and clarity on issue. Apparently it is OK to ride the side walk there.
    • Agree to ongoing dialogue between HUB and CAW111 to help resolve conflicts
    • Asked if the bus companies can put together PSA campaign to specifically reach out to cyclists about bus encounters when riding
    • Work with HUB StreetWise courses, CanBike and other educational cycling orgs to add bus etiquette
  • Bike to Work Week 29 October - 2 November
    • Appears to be an increase in cycling with school aged
  • HUB delegation to North Van District council meeting
    • Nelson got forms, but no date yet
    • Need to come to council with message of why cycling is important
  • Bike traffic counter
    • Ask MOTI to install visible counter on LGB and other bottle necks
  • Bike to Work Week trip log data (Antje)
    • Awesome map showing results from BTWW logging
  • North Shore bike map: funding of next print run (Antje)
    • TravelSmart may help fund next run according to Erin O'Melinn


  • HUB Bikeability Assessment for Park Royal (Peter)
    • Tabled
  • 1300 Block Marine Drive re-development (Peter)
    • Discussed
  • Low Level Road and CNV Spirit Trail update (Heather)
    • Nothing new on LLR
    • We need to get them to not simply fall back on personal preference
    • Residents are feeling they've been lied to - may be a way in for us
    • Heather will pursue
    • HUB letter of support for City to get funding for Carrie Cates piece of Spirit Trail
    • Probably take CN right of way...
  • Iron Workers Memorial Bridge update (Fiona)
    • Arno has coordinated a document on access improvements, which has been sent to MOTI and cc'd to District of North Vancouver
  • North Vancouver bike master plan goes to councils (Antje)
    • Tabled
  • Lower Lynn Town Centre and Lower Capilano Village Centre implementation plans (Antje)
    • Tabled
  • West Van Cycling Network Implementation Plan and Spirit Trail extension update (Peter)
    • Tabled

Other Business

  • Go to Squarerigger Pub (14th/Marine) after meeting