Meeting Summary: May 2, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Attendance: Peter, Antje, Heather D, Heather H, Nelson, Paul, Erin, Dianne, Mary Ellen, Yok Leng
  • Introductions

Announcements & Other Business

  • HUB updates (Heather Harvey)
    • wikis for rest of committees will soon be available on the HUB website, want to migrate ours in its current form to HUB server - talk to Jay to get it migrated to HUB
    • talked to Paul Cheng from TravelSmart - could we join them at MEC Bikefest on 8-9 June - Yes, Mary Ellen will be contact person - Erin and Nelson will participate
    • HUB HQ is busy planning for BTWW scheduled for the week of 27 May -2 June with a station at the north end of the Lions Gate bridge on Wednesday 29 May 0630-0900
    • let bike shops on the North Shore know about HUB membership, discounted purchases for HUB members
    • feedback to HUB Regional Advisory Committee Action Plan, close out feedback on regional initiatives by next week, very little so far - if you would like to help out with this please visit the document [here] and add your own comments
    • thank you Heather H for the brownies!
  • HUB AGM in Burnaby on May 11
    • North Shore group ride to AGM, meet up with Burnaby committee in North Burnaby - start at MEC store
    • Heather H will send out a reminder with more details
  • 2013 NS committee budget: $400
  • 40km/h speed limit proposal for residential streets from City of Victoria for UBCM (meeting in September)- we could get our municipalities to support it - Burnaby already has it - Heather H will mention it to the Regional Advisory Committtee
  • North Shore Committee social/potluck (Antje)
    • combine with HUB booth and bike ride at West Van Community Day June 1
    • Antje will send out email to list
  • North Shore electric bike share launched

Education & Outreach

  • Events (Mary Ellen)
    • Upcoming events including Bike to Work Week and Lynn Valley Days on 25 May
    • we are registered for a booth at West Van Community Day 1 June and Mary Ellen will try to register us for the bike ride
    • need to get message out to our list serve to get riders
    • supplies: Mary Ellen has material from HUB HQ, will have a practice bus bike rack, Antje will bring 2 HUB banners and North Shore bike maps, HUB stickers are available - Heather will make up some, HUB T-shirts?, bike blenders?
    • Mark & Dorata (Evolution Bikes) want to bring an electric bike(s) join with us OK!
    • BEST does bike valet service at events, HUB has portable bike racks - should we bring them to Community Day and Lynn Valley?
    • Paul suggested ebike shuttle from Park Royal parking lot to West Van Community Day - Antje will email idea to Tyler for his new bike share
    • need volunteers especially for Lynn Valley Days
    • going to do Canada Day in North Van - TravelSmart will be there and we could join them at Waterfront Park - will be parade too
    • discussion of a bigger bike ride event, Yok Leng mentioned events in Montreal and Ottawa, HUB insurance might be an issue - Heather suggested forming a subcommittee to look into organizing a ciclovia-type large event
  • HUB presentation to West Van Chamber of Commerce on 16 April (Peter, Heather)
    • 5 minute presentation without slide was well received - most of audience was from Park Royal
  • HUB delegation at West Van council meeting 6 May on Ambleside Bike Friendly Business District (Heather, Peter)
    • Peter and Heather gave another dry run of their planned presentation
  • HUB delegation at North Van City council meeting 24 June on all ages & abilities bike routes (Heather)
    • Heather and Antje will prepare presentation, dry run at next meeting
  • Bike to School
    • From Steph: I thought you would like to know that we have recently started spreading the word to get schools signed up for Bike to School Week, May 27-31, and a number of North Shore schools have signed up! If you know other schools that might want to get involved, [here] is our "spread the word" email! A few schools have expressed wanting to hold a cycling event at the school, if anyone is interested in helping out by attending a before or after school celebration, let me know!
    • bike event like a rodeo before and after school - Erin volunteers and will contact Steph
    • Dianne suggests contacting teachers who signed up for Bike to School and offer support
  • North Shore bike map distribution (Antje)
    • Antje has boxes at home ready to distribute - will bring them to events - leave a box with HUB HQ
  • Invitation from MP John Weston (Peter) 1630 on Saturday 4 May - Antje will lead ending up at the Red Lion pub in Dundarave, Dianne is coming


  • Chesterfield improvements 4th to 13th St (Heather)
    • North Van City transportation planner Stephen Blore will attend the June meeting and present the project
    • Heather will work on HUB feedback
  • North Van District town and village centres (Antje)
    • Lower Capilano Marine Village: proposed bike network - sent HUB feedback letter
    • Lower Lynn Town: implementation plan and design guidelines - Antje will prepare draft feedback letter
  • Keith-Lynn school rezoning for North Shore Studios (Antje)
    • Opportunity to create bike lanes on Mtn Highway? - Antje asked DNV staff
  • Repaving of Mount Seymour Parkway between Mount Seymour Rd and Dollarton Hwy
    • Opportunity for bike lanes? - Antje asked DNV staff
  • West Vancouver cycling infrastructure update (Peter)
    • Norm Wong updated Peter on recent developments
    • Improvements have been made to make the crossing of Park Royal's bridge over the Capilano River and additional work at the west end if planned once Park Royal has provided input.
    • Bicycle infrastructure is being planned for Keith Road in conjunction with the Evelyn Drive Development.
    • Following consultation with residents and Gleneagles School concerning a new western section of the Spirit Trail, a revised plan is being prepared taking into consideration the report of the lively public meeting in April