Meeting Summary: Mar 8, 2018

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  • Introductions: Peter S (chair) Dave Perfitt, Erika, Martyn, Christine Ried NSMBA, Nelson, Tammy, Fred, Duncan Brown, Peter T, Fiona, Don (Desmond Olsen visitor came later)
  • Annual Committee Budget (annual budget cycle ends on March 31st and does NOT carry over to next fiscal year
    • Peter S brought and circulated copies of the TAC Chapter 5 Bicycle Integrated Design book that Paul had borrowed from HUB HQ and the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide that Paul had purchased.
    • Peter will seek reimbursement for Paul from HUB NQ and it was suggested that we may also want to purchase the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide.
    • Don suggested that one useful purchase might be a wrap-around enclosure for our tent.
  • Events
    • Tammy said the Bike The Shore event on Sunday, March 4th Lynn Valley Square plaza was a success. The next Bike The Shore event is on May 6th - Times: 11-2pm Location: Lynn Valley Village Square.
    • She would like to get Haste involved through the North Shore Safety Council but has had trouble making a contact. Martyn thought he could help get a contact.
    • She would like to have a bike rack for bus for the next event in Lynn Valley because there is interest in practicing putting a bike on a bus.
    • Don reminded the group of upcoming events by referring to the 2017 event schedule -
    • Possibly an event on Earth Day on 22 April. MEC bike fest not happening. Gleneagles in May.
    • BTWW again this year at the end of May (Thursday?) at the same location at the north end of the IWMB. We will be asking for volunteers. Do we need things to buy now. Possibly a tent enclosure. Don will look into it. We may have funds from this year's budget. More balloons. Have 2 large banners. Need folding table (Canadian tire?) Peter to check funding. Need some give away for kids?
    • Any chance of getting a temp bike rack for tent visitors. Contact C - Media with advertising. BTWW - there are about 5 sponsored groups. Free mechanic. Suggestion to have a station at the top of Grand Boulevard near the new Lynn Valley Road cycle lane.
    • Dave Perfitt suggested that we set up in a location where there are ear lots of cars or lots of bikes.
    • Cycling map: TransLink not coming forth. Antje had a good contact.
    • Bike Day in Canada - Fiona may be at the Ottawa event this year.
    • We will go into more detail on specific upcoming events at the April meeting.
  • The latest HUB-NS letters are at:
  • Changes to the Motor Vehicle Act - it was agreed that we should be recommending changes to NS Councils (see:
  • Future of HUB NS - Yahoo Group - move to Google?
    • Erika has been looking into Google Groups and wants to try it out with a few of us but users would need a google account.
    • Features: share google calendar - tagging capacity for specific topics - import past emails maybe -Business version and non business versions.
    • Cost will be an issue. Yahoo Groups came via HUB HQ so we need to check with them and probably consult an IT person ( Library might have a IT person to consult with).
    • Christine wondered about Slack. They have non-profit link.

District of North Vancouver

District of West Vancouver

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm due to end of time allotment.

Bowen Island

  • now on ungap the map and an area for growth

City of North Vancouver

  • W. 1st work to install sidewalks. Work does not include funding for bike lanes, but future work is possible additional consultation required.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Other Letters or Actions Required

  • 2012 Bike Masterplan Updates: 3rd Street / 2nd Street / Mahon -> Planned for 2018
  • HUB Structure and Sub-Committee Focus - discuss rotating chairs and note takers