Meeting Summary: June 8, 2017

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  • Introductions: Fred, Peter T, Fiona, Dianne, Erika, Don P, Peter S (chair), Giacomo
  • Events - volunteers needed!
    • Recap:
      • Gleneagles Bike Fest 27 May 2017 - Fred reported that the weather was great but hardly anybody stopped even though there were lots of cyclists going by on Marine Drive
      • Lynn Valley bike to school week - We participated on 31 May and there was a good turnout but our booth location was not ideal.
      • BTWW celebration stations - Several of us were at our north end IWMB station on 29 May where there was excellent count 261 cyclists. Only 35 at the West Van station at 14th and Argyle on 30 May due to poor weather.
      • Bike Day in Canada 1 June- Except for the bike rodeo, the turn out was sparse but some staff from the DNV showed up and two councillors from DWV (Nora Gambioli and Bill Soprovich who both participated in the short group ride). The event was well organized and run by Fiona.
      • Blueridge Good Neighbour Day 4 June - We did not attend due to the cost of entry.
    • Next:
      • Lynn Valley Days – Sat 17-June, 10:00-16:00 (Booth at Lynn Valley Park)
      • Canada Day (North Van) - July 1, 12:00-16:00 (Booth at Celebration at Waterfront park - Morning sunrise bike ride?)
      • West Van Bike to Shop Days 22 July - Peter S and Paul Stott plan to lead a group starting from Hornby and West Hasting in Vancouver.
  • North Shore Emergency Bike Team (EBT)- Fiona has bee attending meetings and is looking for volunteers to participate in training sessions
  • City of North Vancouver
    • Spirit Trail through Squamish Nation / Mosquito Creek - work not yet started but hopefully will start soon. Nearby multi-use path on Bewicke has been completed.
    • 13th East of Lonsdale protected bike lane is planned to be repainted.
  • District of North Vancouver
    • Project updates: work is progressing on Lynn Valley Road, Keith Road, Queens Road, Mountain Hwy Interchange.
  • West Vancouver
    • HUB delegation to DWV Council on 24 July - Tony and Peter plan to do a joint presentation.
    • HUB-NS vision for a cycleway from the Spirit Trail at 13th and Argyle to the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge- Hub letter (File:HUBNorthShore WestVan CyclewayVision2017-06-17.pdf) was sent to the mayor and councillors with our vision of a dedicated cycleway for cyclists. A map of the proposal was included with the letter:
    • 31 May meeting with Ellie on West Van UnGapTheMap - Peter and Ellie met with John Calimente to discuss and explain the process of creating the map for West Vancouver.
    • Spirit Trail to Horseshoe Bay - work is under way to extend the Spirit Trail from Gleneagles School part-way down Exit 0 then west on Raleigh Street to Royal Avenue.