Meeting Summary: July 10, 2014

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  1. Attendance: Peter, Antje, Heather, Fiona, Dianne, Brian,Dennis
  2. Review of agenda, additional agenda items (1 min)
  3. Announcements (5 min)
  4. New Keith Bridge update (Antje, Heather, Brian - 5 min)
    • Antje, Heather and Brian met with DNV staff to review bridge and road design - 5 car lanes (now 2), 2 sidewalks, 2 painted bike lanes without clearance to concrete barrier on bridge
    • we suggested narrowing some of the car lanes that buses don't use from 3.5m to 3.2m and other space saving measures to create enough space to provide a physical barriers between cars and bikes
    • Brian will follow up with the District
  5. Lower Lynn Town Centre bike network (Antje - 5 min)
    • rebuilding Mountain Highway from Keith to Main but only painted bike lanes are planned, including a section next to parked cars
    • Antje is going to arrange another meeting with the District staff
  6. Stanley Park Causeway update (Antje - 5 min)
    • meeting in Vancouver with Erin Moxon MoTI project manager
    • need agreement of Parks Board - then public meeting - it all goes well paths will be widened and fenced this coming winter - construction at night
  7. Park Royal bicycle infrastructure update (Peter - 5 min)
  8. Clyde-Keith traffic calming project update (Peter - 5 min)
  9. Library event (Fiona - 5 min)