Meeting Summary: January 14, 2016

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  1. Attendance: Nelson, Anne Labelle, Dennis, Richard Campbell, Erika, Fred, Don P., Antje, Tony (Chair), Peter, Martyn, Guest: Brian Counihan DNV engineer
  2. Upcoming Project on Montroyal Blvd that includes Bike Lanes (Brian Counihan)
    • The bridge over Mosquito Creek on Mt Royal Boulevard needs replacement and it is planned to add one more sidewalk and 2x 1.5 m bike lanes between Skyline Dr and Glen Canyon Dr.
    • It is anticipated that the preliminary design will be ready in March, 2016 and construction to begin in spring/summer 2016, and last for about seven months.
    • The web page at: has a map and photo of the existing bridge.
    • We would like to see wider bike lanes and suggested narrowing the planned 3.5 m wide traffic lanes.
    • Brian also mentioned that he is involved in the project to install a bike path from Barrow Street to the IWM bridge.
  3. Mountain Highway Interchange
    • Need for separating bike lanes from motor vehicle traffic, including no uncontrolled highway ramp crossings
    • A separate bike/pedestrian overpass across the highway and the ramps just east of the new interchange, to connect with Mountain Hwy and Arborlynn
    • A separated "bike highway" along the highway from Mountain Hwy to Ironworkers Bridge, going over or under the ramps at Fern. It would make biking to Vancouver as fast or even faster than driving, especially by ebike.
    • There were lengthy discussion on these proposals and a few others, so it was decided to wait until after we attend the open house before formulating our recommendations.
    • There will be a Open House Tuesday, January 19, from 4:00 - 8:00 pm at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 700 Old Lillooet Road
    • After we get plans at the open house, then we should get a joint meeting with heads of major projects and get Colin involved.
  4. Review of Upcoming Events List Link:
    • The are no significant events coming up until the spring, so this will be deferred to a future meeting.
  5. Plan for continuation of Spirit Trail Assessment Ride - deferred to a future meeting.
  6. Review of Draft #Ungapthemap list
    • After projecting the complex table of cycling gaps on the North Shore and a brief discussion , it was decided to circulate it by email (Action:Tony) and ask for feedback.
  7. Municipality engagement strategies - deferred to the next meeting
    • CNV Update (Heather)
    • DNV Update (Antje)
      • Lynn Creek Town Centre design guidelines
      • East Keith Road
      • Council workshop on AAA bike network / Kay Teschke
      • Council workshop on TDM / North Shore SRA?
    • DWV Update (Peter)
      • Work between 11th and 13th St on Keith Road (3 photos uploaded)
      • Participation in DWV Community Energy and Emissions Plan workshop on 22 January