Meeting Summary: February 7, 2013

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Attendance & Agenda

  • Attendance: Peter, Antje, Heather, Nelson, Bill, Dianne, Helen

Education & Outreach

  • HUB delegation at DNV council meeting in Feb (Antje)
    • Antje on 18 February - will give an overview of HUB - slides already submitted
  • HUB delegation at West Van council meeting in May (Peter)
    • Here is a proposed plan for the presentation:
      • Heather - 5 minutes on benefits to business from an increase in bicycling with the presentation based on the slides prepared by Erin on the HUB website (;
      • Peter - 2 minutes on suggested improvements in bicycle infrastructure; and
      • Rep from HUB - 3 minutes on bike friendly business services available from HUB
      • These allotted times are initial suggestions. It is proposed that we have a dry run at our monthly meeting on the evening of 4 April
  • North Shore bike map 2nd edition printed (Antje)
    • 16,000 for the 3 municipalities and HUB, TransLink has some as well - don't know how many copies printed in total
    • funded by TransLink and both North Vancouver municipalities
  • City Cycling book (Jay)
    • Antje has an electronic version
    • let's buy some copies to hand out - Antje will ask for 10 with our HUB funds
  • Choose which 2013 community events we want to participate in
    • Different Bikes new location official opening sometime in March
    • Norouz Festival -- March 10
    • Lynn Valley Days – May 24 and 25 - Yes
    • West Vancouver Community Day – June 1 - Yes
    • MEC Bikefest – June 7 - Maybe
    • Spring Bike to Work Week – Last week in May - Maybe
    • North Vancouver City – Canada Day at Waterfront Park - Yes
    • July 1 Parade as well?
    • Harmony Arts festival - one week in August - Maybe
    • Caribbean Festival – July 27 - 28
    • Deep Cove Daze – August 27 - Yes
    • Lower Lonsdale Business Association Fall Festival at the Quay – September 26
    • Fall Bike to Work – November - Maybe
  • NS bike safety survey
    • Bob Wyckham wants emails of cyclists - we can give him access to the Yahoo listserve
    • North Van has maps of dangerous spots on Bike Master Plan
  • HUB-NS monthly meetings listed in NS News, NS Outlook (Antje)
    • Antje sent them a message


  • Provincial funding for Mt Seymour Parkway bike lanes, Barrow route to 2nd Narrows, Spirit Trail to Lonsdale Quay
    • article and photo in NS News - Peter to email article to West Van
    • Heather, Erin and Antje went to photo shoot with Naomi Yamamoto (MLA) and Darrell Mussatto (City mayor)
  • Ambleside Streetscape plan (Heather, Peter)
    • HUB-NS letter sent - Peter and Heather sent private comments
    • Some support for both separated lane on Bellevue and Spirit Trail on Argyle
  • Mountain Highway at Seylynn development (Antje)
    • Lower Lynn Town Centre - still in planning stage - we want a separated bike lane rather than painted bike lanes
    • we should send a proposal and contact developer - Antje will do it
    • there will be an opportunity for our input through planned public consultations
    • Donna talked to them about bike friendly businesses
  • James from Obsession Bikes interested in supporting HUB work - Helen will try introduce him to Donna
  • Low Level Road update (Heather)
    • Antje and Heather to meet with Port Metro et al on 19 Feb re: an alternate route and safety measures during construction
  • Gleneagles Spirit Trail (Peter)
    • opposition from Western residents to Spirit Trail plan due to dogs off leash, pavement and lights

Other Business

  • Looking for Events volunteer
    • send out to the list for volunteers to coordinate HUB-NS participation in North Shore community events, Bike to Work Week, etc.
  • North Shore committee priorities for 2013
    • bike friendly business initiatives in West Van focusing on Ambleside but also including Park Royal - Peter to contact Park Royal
    • West Van routes and signage