Meeting Summary: February 11, 2016

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  1. Introduction and Attendance: Anne, Oliver, Brian, Kevin, Antje, Peter S (Chair), Peter T, Martyn, Fiona, Dianne, Giacomo
  2. Minutes Review
    • For the benefit of the new attendees, a brief history of the reinstigation our committee from May 2010 was given along with a brief summary of the January meeting.
  3. Mountain Highway Interchange (Antje)
    • Following the open house a feedback letter has been submitted to the Ministry, cc'd to the MLAs and the two North Vancouver councils
  4. Delegations to municipal councils
    • Will discuss potential CNV delegation at the March meeting; no immediate need for DNV delegation
    • Action - Peter will submit an application for a delegation to the District of West Vancouver on AAA bicycle routes.
  5. Status of Draft #Ungapthemap list
    • List is finalized and needs another review
    • Action - Peter will forward spreadsheets to the Yahoo email list; Tony, Antje to review list and scores
  6. CNV Update (Heather)
    • Site 8 - Lonsdale and Esplanade Intersection Planning: no update
    • Spirit Trail 3rd St to Lynn Creek: Open House Tuesday Feb 16 5-8pm at North Shore Neighbourhood House
    • Application to be on the CNV Integrated Transportation Committee ( Heather is no longer on the committee. Brian applied to fill one of the advertised vacancies on the ITC. He hasn't heard whether his application was accepted or not but we encouraged him to maintain his application in case of an unexpected vacancy on the ITC.
    • East Keith and Grand Boulevard: Tony finalized feedback letter to CNV and sent to Board for approval
  7. DNV Update (Antje)
    • Lynn Creek Town Centre design guidelines: Council passed design with protected bike lanes on Lower Mountain Hwy and Crown Street
    • East Keith Road: A last letter about Keith Road has been sent to council asking for at least buffered bike lanes east of Lynnmouth Ave, and protected bike lanes west of Lynnmouth (built as part of the new interchange)
    • Spirit Trail central section Lynn Creek to Maplewood: Planning will start soon on the central section; it will cross Lynn Creek at Hunter Street (new ped/bike bridge), use the existing trail routes under the bridges and swing east along Keith Road to Mount Seymour Parkway
    • Spirit Trail safety issues at Welch/Pemberton: Raised at a council workshop but not clear what staff plans to do at the lane and driveway crossings of the Spirit Trail. They realize Spirit Trail routing is not ideal but don't seem aware how Vancouver treats such crossings. There should be a staff update to council.
    • Potential council workshop on AAA bike network / Kay Teschke: Action - Antje to ask DNV
    • Potential council workshop on TDM / North Shore SRA (Martyn): TDM position needed to align project implementation with OCP goals; SRA has submitted letter for TDM position; Martyn working on potential workshop
  8. DWV Update
    • Work between 11th and 13th St on Keith Road
      • A photo was displayed of Keith Road between 12th and 11th Streets showing a 4.2 m space between parked cars for one-way automobile traffic and two-way cycling traffic.
      • After researching other one-way street configurations we should send a letter to DWV Director of Transportation and Environment, possibly suggesting removal of parking on the north side.
      • Action: Martyn, Antje to look up guidelines for contra flow, Peter to contact DWV
    • Results from DWV Community Energy and Emissions Plan workshop on 22 January
      • Peter was a facilitator of two sessions of transportation discussion tables where HUB-NS was represented by Anne Labelle and Paul Stott.
      • Conclusions included improved cycling infrastructure (e.g AAA bike routes), extending the Spirit Trail and an upper level greenway across the community.
    • Response from DWV on Spirit Trail Safety Improvements
      • We received a detailed point-by-point response which agreed with our suggestion of a painted centre line on the Spirit Trail.
      • With regard to bollards, they said they will review whether a single bollard could work in place of two bollards. No bollard will not be considered.
      • With regard to our proposal for a left turn signal at Capilano Road, the District is reviewing this request as part of its 2016 budget process.
      • DWV is of opinion that green paint is generally used for demarcating bike lanes rather than mixed use paths, and they will not be putting green paint in the Spirit Trail crossings.
      • Action: It was agreed that we send a HUB letter to the mayors and councillors of all three North Shore municipalities, with photo examples, recommending green paint in the crossings (Peter to draft it).
    • Spirit Trail through Ambleside waterfront
      • WV council has endorsed the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan which includes a proposal to gradually remove cars from Argyle Avenue and extend the the Spirit Trail west from 13th to 18th Streets.
      • There will be three open houses at the West Van Community Centre Atrium between 4-7 pm on 17 and 25 February and 1 March.
      • We should support extending the Spirit Trail westward and recommend separating cyclists from pedestrians creating an AAA cycling facility.
  9. North Shore Emergency Management (Fiona)
    • Suggestion that we may want to do an event with NSEMO
  10. CNV Library (Fiona)
    • Library has small grant, providing an opportunity for event such as Canada Bikes or project. Application deadline Feb 22.