Meeting Summary: December 5, 2013

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  1. Attendance: Antje, Peter, Heather, Fiona, Dianne, Nandik (HUB board), Jeneen, Martin
  2. Edgemont Village - bike to school
    • Jeneen is with Heart and Stroke foundation, organized Edgemont Roll & Stroll event in October
    • Martin and Jeneen are part of group of young parents concerned about lack of active transportation opportunities in Handsworth family of schools
    • parents will report to Council as a delegation on 20 January, ask for traffic calming, want bike master plan fully implemented plus extra routes to schools
    • Dianne mentions application by her school to the City of Vancouver to build bike path in front of school (one block). Street in front of school most dangerous for cycling because of traffic, car doors during drop off/pick up.
  3. Review of agenda, additional agenda items
    • added Adopt-a-Street
  4. West Van Keith Rd/Clyde Ave proposed improvements (Peter, 10 min)
    • option A preferred with one way between 13th and 11th streets and a multi-purpose path
    • east of 11th Street there would be a sidewalk on the south side and sharrows on the traffic lanes to connect with that configuration further east by the Evelyn Drive development
    • Peter sent email recommending two-way separated bike lanes all the way from 13th Street to the traffic circle at Esquimalt Avenue
    • another open house in the new year
  5. 1300 block West Van redevelopment letter to DWV Council (Peter and Antje, 10 min)
    • all streets around 1300 block are designated bike routes, plus Spirit Trail
    • open house in November showed no cycling facilities, parking arrangement on Bellevue is unsafe for cyclists
    • Peter will send the HUB letter on 6 December, which is signed by him and Antje with recommended infrastructure to Council
  6. Spirit Trail ride with Norm Wong and John Calimente from DWV on 28 November (Peter 10 min)
    • The number, spacing and colour of the bollards is a big safety concern for cyclists all along the West Vancouver portion of the Spirit Trail.
    • We would like to see the number of bollards at each of the entrance points reduced to one and painted white.
    • Capilano Road left turn and bollards - bigger sign and left turn signal for cars synchronized with signal lights for cyclists and pedestrians
    • War dance Bridge - signs for west exit leading under bridge to Spirit Trail, bike crossing beside crosswalk at the east exit and green lanes across the bridge
    • angled let down off of the sidewalk for cyclists coming east from the Spirit Trail onto the bridge was rejected but still needed
    • 13th and Argyle - Norm suggested diverting bike traffic to Argyle at kiosk but Peter is suggesting de-activating the last 20 m of Spirit Trail and running it across Argyle and along the south side
  7. Bike ride with John Weston on 25 November and proposed National Bike Day in May 2014 (Peter, Fiona, 10 min)
    • followed the marked bike route from 29th and Mathers westward - down Westport Road to Marine Drive - Cranley Drive to Seaview Walk then back along Marine Drive to Dundarave
    • Fiona will report back when National Bike Day date and details are known
    • possible participation of Canada Bikes, Fiona is on Board
  8. Low hanging fruit items for 12 December meeting with Raymond Fung, Norm Wong, DWV and Councillor Nora Gambioli (Peter, Bob and Antje, 15 min)
    • Spirit Trail/Argyle intersection with 13th St: move crossing of 13th south away from rail track
    • Spirit Trail intersection with Capilano Rd: install left turn signal for drivers turning left up Capilano Rd
    • Spirit Trail bollards: replace with different design, reduce number
    • Wardance bridge: interim measures to increase safety (green single file share lanes, 2 signs to curb drop installed by Park Royal)
    • Marine Drive just east of Gleneagles Drive: share-the-road single file signs and pavement sharrows
    • Bike route signs: add route names and wayfinding signage
    • Bike network maps in the two kiosks on the Spirit Trail, in the washroom shelter (outside) at John Lawson Park and at the two Community Centres
  9. Park Royal planned bike facilities update (Peter, 5 min)
    • bike lanes to be painted in the spring but green paint only where cars intersect
    • bike box for left turns onto Marine Drive for cyclist coming from Park Royal South
    • possible bike valet and bike share system with new towers on White Spot location
  10. Wiki (Antje, 5min)
    • wiki on HUB server now
    • need to keep pages up to date e.g. Hot Spots, Issues
    • Heather will update City contents
  11. DNV Adopt-a-Street (Dianne)
    • Dianne phoned Courtenay Fraitzl for HUB Spirit Trail adoption, DNV portion from MacKay Road to Whonoak Road
    • will send out email to list about litter pickup when papers are signed