Meeting Summary: Dec13, 2018

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Regular meeting at 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  • Agenda additions
  • Attendees: Paul S, Peter S, Antje, Fred, Erika, Jay, Don P, Tammy, Martyn, Dave P, Giacomo, Fiona, Tony
  • Certificates of Appreciation presented to Peter S for serving as Vice chair for over 11 years and Tony for serving as Chair 2017-2018. Many thanks to both of them for their hard work in making cycling better & safer on the North Shore.


  • Report from Fall All Committee Workshop (Nov 29th) - Jay
    • HUB HQ is working on a uniform region-wide classification of cycle routes (type of protection, design standards, traffic volume and speed for various comfort levels) to be applied to allow comparison of usage, safety performance, and to ensure consistency when munis update their cycle route plan... - Inputs from NS committee included consideration for signage and ambient grades that may never meet the AAA standard.
  • Don & Heather to attend a Lower Lynn Improvements Media Event (Phase 2 & 4 start), Dec 17th

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather/Julian

  • Held an initial meeting with Jeniffer Draper (Manager, Transportation) & Daniel Watson (Engineering) on Dec 5th. Highlights:
    • New guideline for construction site management and bicycles
    • West Keith Road separated lane
    • Ebike share
    • Spirit Trail through Mosquito Creek
    • Green Necklace completion
    • Admin items (BMP Update, Integrated Transportation Committee, keeping vehicles out of bike lanes in Lower Lonsdale area)
    • Route fixes (green paint, elephant's feet, separate signal phases)
    • Route gaps (ongoing)

District of North Vancouver - Antje/Jay

  • A number of items were brought in our initial meeting including:
    • McGuire / Tatlow alternatives - connections between Capilano Road and W 15th Street driven by redevelopment in Lions Gate Town Centre. Question is whether to route to the east around park or wait for realignment of north-south links with redevelopment.
    • 1st St bike lanes between Mackay and Phillip - District has confirmed feasibility of switch to parking-buffered bike lanes with the exception of crossing Mackay Creek bridge (too narrow for buffer). Propose to request stripping 3+ parking spots as a starter or accept a transition to current layout east of bridge deck pinch point. Alternative was to allow westbound riders up onto an already narrow MUP on the north side of the bridge before dropping them back to street level.
    • Welch St westbound - District asked if there would be a desire to have a painted bike lane westbound along Welch Street to allow faster cyclists to bypass the Spirit Trail section through Norgate. Although to idea of a curb drop to facilitate a transition to Welch Street had potential benefits there are drainage issues along Welch that could be problematic for a painted cycling lane in the shoulder.
    • E 29th Study - staff reviewing sightlines and feasibility of removing parking spots. Spring/Summer for study wrap up.
    • E Keith Study - noted Brooksbank / Mountain intersection has only 1 lane heading westbound which could help support the concept of a road diet for bike infrastructure here.
    • Lynn Valley Road at Highway 1 east side bike lane - BC MoTI responsibility likely not until 2020.
    • Lynn Valley Road northeast of Mountain Highway and Upper Mountain Highway - potential for adding uphill bike lanes to link recreational areas (deferred to next meeting)
    • Mountain Highway north of Highway 1 - potential for road diet and uphill bike lane (deferred to next meeting)
    • Orwell Pathway construction impacts (deferred to next meeting)

District of West Vancouver - Paul

  • Wayfinding signage proposals at Lions Gate Bridge Interchange on Marine Drive (deferred to next meeting)
  • Speed hump standards (deferred to next meeting)
  • DWV/DNV links for Gap List (deferred to next meeting)

Translink / MOTI - Fred

  • NS B-Line - Support/Endorsement? - online petition
    • The biggest concern is will cyclists be allowed in the bus priority lanes - Peter & Paul investigating.
    • Generally all support the B-line concept but it is not really a cycling issue and there are unanswered questions so decision was made to have no formal endorsement at this time.
  • e-Bikes on buses, Skytrain, Seabus, and West Coast Express - There remains confusing/conflicting information on Translink websites, Fred is clarifying this with HUB HQ & Translink.

The meeting was adjourned to Jack Lonsdale's.