Meeting Agenda: Sep 14, 2017

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The HUB North Shore Committee holds regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. Everybody is welcome. The meetings are at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  • Introductions

City of North Vancouver

  • 300 block West Esplanade bike lane
  • 2nd Street - Developments and bike space follow up
  • Construction is under way on Keith Road west and the 21st St section of the Green Necklace – Tony will enquire about the status of cycling facilities for these two projects.

1. There is a lot of concern regarding keeping east 2nd through Moodyville as an ongoing bike route . Is the final design for the park available or when will it be? Also will there be provisions for cycling in this area during construction? 2nd Street is not included on the BMP as 3rd and 4th Streets are both designated bike routes. It is being designed as a narrower street through the Moodyville area to calm traffic, and could be used as a neighbourhood bikeway. Detailed design for the park has not yet commenced so plans are not yet available. The construction of Moodyville Park will happen in several phases over multiple years starting in 2018. During construction we will endeavour to keep the Spirit Trail route open, therefore additional provisions should not be necessary. If a full road closure is necessary at some point during construction, detour and ‘share the road’ signage will be installed to provide clarity and help to ensure bike safety. Through future development, the Spirit Trail will be upgraded along the lane, East 1st and 2nd Streets, from St. David’s Avenue to Moodyville Park, however specific details regarding this will not be determined for some time.

2. We are getting lots of feedback on construction signs in bike lanes. I know this doesn't happen on purpose but can City staff help us with this? What can we do to help you? It's an awareness thing but also very important for safety. We are currently developing a “Construction Guidelines for Bike Lane Closures” to assist in ensuring bike safety when bike lanes are closed due to construction, and we anticipate them being completed in fall.

3. Any idea when green necklace work on 21st street will complete? Work has commenced on West 21st between Jones and Lonsdale and completion of this work is anticipated for mid-November 2017. The section of the Green Necklace east of Lonsdale will be scheduled for 2018. We can share further details regarding the timelines for the East 21st section when they have been determined.

  • Mahon as key bike route

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges project update
  • Meeting with MLA Bowinn Ma

19.30 Special Presentation: East 23rd/Grand Blvd future bike route (Daniel Watson)

District of North Vancouver

  • Pilot bike lane on Highland Blvd
  • Mount Seymour Parkway at Riverside signal phasing
  • Lynn Valley Road - follow up
    • Separated Sutherland crossing confirmed
    • No LED flashers still, but documented
  • Strategy plans, letters regarding:
    1. Maplewood Plan
    2. Spirit trail / MUP designs new and existing (baffle at Pemberton/Spirit Trail, bollards and shared crossings)
    3. Cycling infrastructure with new construction and repaving (Examples: Queens Rd new Rec Centre / Dollarton Hwy new condo development / Pemberton Ave repaving)

District of West Vancouver

Other Letters or Actions Required

  • Spirit Trail baffles at Pemberton and Welch – need a video of a family with a bike trailer.
  • Connect with VCH, Active Transportation Lead
  • Connect with stakeholder engagement Acciona - Water Treatment Building