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2023 Assessment Rides

Belcarra Assessment Ride Report

2014 Assessment Rides

Port Moody 9-March-2014: Ride was initiated in response to meeting with Port Moody staff regarding new proposal bike lane markings on Ungless and Heritage Mountain Blvd. At that meeting proposals were put forth regarding the configuration of on-road lane markings at various intersections.

Ungless Avenue: Roadway is rather narrow. Suggest just using sharrows for the westbound section since route is downhill and space is limited. See video:

For eastbound section, marked bike lane would be useful as cyclist speed is much lower. No special treatment needed at intersections here. Note that approach from from IOCO northbound is rather narrow. Sharrows likely needed here. See video:

Heritage Mountain Blvd: Roadway is very wide and there are no major issues with putting in a marked bike lane. Port Moody sought advice on the treatment at Ravine drive and Turner Creek. After riding this section we believe that the design proposed by Port Moody is probably the best option, i.e. bike lane crosses exit ramp as early as possible. An example of a good treatment that could be modified for Heritage Mtn is northbound on IOCO approaching Guildford: Cyclists have ample opportunity to transition across the exit ramp. Perhaps signage can help here, e.g. remind cyclists to shoulder check before crossing the exit ramp.

Also, we agree with Port Moody that no bike lane is really necessary on the downhill section. Cyclists can easily maintain at least 30 kph and the lanes are very wide.

Lougheed Highway 7-Jan-2014:

Ride covered portion of new PMH1 infrastructure between Colony farm road and ended up at intersection of Brunette and Lougheed (both directions).

Main findings:

-several substandard sections of new bike lanes on Lougheed (PMH1 responsibility) More details to follow.

-very dangerous situation at Lougheed and Brunette where bike lane suddenly ends without warning and resumes a block down the road. Coquitlam responsibility.

Video here:

2013 Assessment Rides

Lougheed Highway

David Avenue bike lanes