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1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver? Do you ever use a bike for transportation in your municipality?

I bike in North Vancouver but I use a car to go from one municipality to the other like from North Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver.

2. How would you support and encourage cycling for transportation to promote healthy and livable communities?

Cycling as a mode of transportation works better when there is compact, walkable community development. More shops and services will entice people to become cyclists and pedestrians to reach more of their daily destinations. Supporting pedestrian environments would also support local cyclists. There are a variety of cyclists in the biking community. The cycling commuter has different needs than the family type of cyclist. In terms of getting more "bang for your sustainability buck", providing local and family cyclists with more safe cycling routes would reduce the number of "errand trips" which , in general, account for more than 50% of car trips in a municipality.

3. Do you think the current level of funding for cycling in your municipality is adequate?

There is only one pot of money for health and livability initiatives. The priorities need to be balanced. There is a current Official Community Plan review currently underway and I look forward to learning where the community's priorities lie in terms of health and livability implementation spending.

4. What would you do to ensure a sustainable and adequate source of cycling funding during your term in office?

I would need to see the outcome of community priorities as expressed in the Official Community Plan review.

5. What is your level of interest in a public bike-share system integrated with the transit system?

There is the tricky question of bike helmets and the law. That appears to be the biggest stumbling block. Bike share integrated with public transit is a great idea. A solid business plan would be useful for its long term success.

6. What role do you think the municipality has in supporting and promoting cycling education for children, cyclists and motorists?

I think if there is a non-profit organization that is willing to go into the schools, perhaps partnering with that organization, with the municipality providing some financial support could be quite effective. My understanding is that the successful recycling blue box program was started with creating awareness with the kids and they in turn "sold" their parents on it.

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