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Hi Antje,

Attached are my answers to the questions you ask. I am also looking for your thoughts on the state of our District 44 education system. If you would like to share your views please call me, or make comments at my blog site. normbinion.wordpress.com. Please feel free to forward my views to your friends, family and business associates, for their feedback.

Warmest Regards,

Norm Binion

1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver?

I use a variety of means of transportation. When I go downtown sometimes I park and ride the Seabus and then bike or walk. Around the North Shore I walk, run (I compete in marathons), bike (I am an avid mountain biker). When necessary I drive. I actually love to hike, bike and run.

2. How would you support and encourage parents and children to cycle to school to promote healthy and livable communities?

I am concerned with the level of overall fitness in youth today and the movement towards a more sedentary lifestyle. I coached youth soccer, basketball and baseball for many years when my kids were going through the school system. I am quite fit myself and I encourage fitness for all ages. As long as the proper safety precautions are in place for youth I very much support walking and biking to school. One idea might be to encourage biking groups to bike to school, similar to groups that walk together to Elementary School. Dependant upon the age of the students this may require a parental leader.

3. What role do you think the school board has in supporting and promoting cycling education and training for children?

As I believe strongly in fitness I believe the School Board should encourage physical activities in all forms. Specific to biking there might be consideration of providing supporting infrastructure like bike racks at schools, perhaps bike clubs at schools, or a cycling program that qualifies for physical education credits and perhaps some sort of credit for environmentalism. At the same time any potential programs must be balanced against the reality that school budgets are very tight and tough choices must be made in the allocation of funding. As a prudent business man and School Trustee I would want to assess the level of need and the costs of cycling education and training for children against other competing interests. But again, on a personal level and subject to consideration of budget constraints, I am fully supportive of encouraging fitness and sustainable environmentalism in all forms.

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