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1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver? Do you ever use a bike for transportation in your municipality?

I use my vehicle when I need to, and I also walk to work at least twice each week.

2. How would you support and encourage cycling for transportation to promote healthy and livable communities?

I have been a member of the Joint Bicycle Committee for the past three years, and strongly support the work of the committee and the principles they are promoting.

3. Do you think the current level of funding for cycling in your municipality is adequate?

The District of North Vancouver has been a supporter of bicycling and the creation of bicycle paths in the municipality. If elected, I will support continued funding for bicycling initiatives including dedicated bicycling lanes and pathways.

4. What would you do to ensure a sustainable and adequate source of cycling funding during your term in office?

Funding for bicycling initiatives is a cost centre within the municipal budget, and I would vote to support the continuation of such funding in future budgets. The level of funding should be considered relative to a bicycle master plan and an agreed upon strategy.

5. What is your level of interest in a public bike-share system integrated with the transit system?

I am aware that Translink has equipped some buses with bicycle carriers. I think this is good. Anything that gets people out of their vehicles and onto public transportation (and better yet bicycles) is good and something I would support and work for.

6. What role do you think the municipality has in supporting and promoting cycling education for children, cyclists and motorists?

The municipality has made inroads in educating the public about bicycle use in recent years. However, the DNV withdrawal from the Joint Bicycle Committee concerns me, and is something I will make inquiries about. I have always felt that a collective approach to developing a bicycling plan and education was beneficial.

7. How can residents and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition-North Shore provide useful, systematic input and feedback on cycling in the District of North Vancouver now that the District no longer participates in the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee?

I would recommend that the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition appear as a delegation before District Council, and urge Council to reconsider their participation in the Joint Bicycle Committee or to come up with an alternative mechanism to receive public input on bicycling issues.

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