Election 2011: Franci Stratton

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1. What modes of transportation do you normally use within Metro Vancouver?

As I live in North Vancouver and work in Kitsilano I do normally carpool to work.

2. How would you support and encourage parents and children to cycle to school to promote healthy and livable communities?

Currently as Chair of the board of Education in North Vancouver we developed a ten year Strategic plan that contains goals pertaining to healthier and sustainable living. I have spoken to several parents and PACs who would like to reduce the amount of car traffic around their schools and encourage the families in their community to consider an alternative like walking or cycling to work. There are several initiatives within the schools that parents, through PACs work on to be more environmentally conscious and to ensure that families are making healthier choices in the way they live and interact on a daily basis.

3. What role do you think the school board has in supporting and promoting cycling education and training for children?

Within our district, we have applied for ’Community- link funding’ (provincial grants) to be used to build new bike racks at our schools. In the design of our capital projects, (school re-builds) there is consideration given to walking and cycling options for students. We need to work much closer with our municipalities to determine where we need to create designated bike routes which would help to remove the barriers in getting to school safely when cycling. As a board we can look at policy to encourage cycling as part of the physical daily activity requirements. Physical daily activity is a Ministry initiative to help promote the health and well-being of our students. There are required hours of activity that need to be achieved per student over the school year. The hours vary at different age grouping. The North shore setting is optimal for cycling for leisure so if we can work with all levels of government to develop some initiatives to encourage cycling to and from school, to and from work it would help to promote a healthier live style for families within North Vancouver communities.

Submitted by

Franci Stratton

Candidate for School Trustee in the District of North Vancouver

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