Burnaby LC Agenda - March 2023

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The HUB Cycling Burnaby Local Committee meets every month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the committee meets online, via Google Meet.

March 14th, 2023 • 6:30-8:30 PM Online, via Google Meet | Meeting ID: sqc-krmo-ewn

Standard Agenda Items

Welcome and Introductions
Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Additions to Agenda

Monthly Agenda Items

Meeting with City - awaiting response with date
Adjust meeting start time
Committee Roles - propose filling available roles
Annual Action Plan - Finalize Action Plan items from last meeting.
Bikeep Secure Locker Letter to Translink
Group Ride (*)
  • Date and Time - May 6th, 9:30am - Date may move due to ride Marshall scheduling
  • Route - BC Parkway or Midtown
  • Ride Marshalls - We need at least 2. Advance your ride course, probably too late to enroll
  • First Aid Training - We currently have 2 committee members. We're working out some reimbursement method for training costs
Lakefield Drive (*)
  • Has become a low priority with small amount of traffic according to counters.
  • Letter to reiterate points from Option 3 Letter about signage, way finding, and Elwell, etc.
BC Parkway Email From Resident - concerns include the following(*) (Note: Is Highland Park MUP actually allow bikes?)
  • No painted pedestrian or bicycle crossing at Jubilee Avenue. Where are the elephant feet?
  • No pedestrian and cyclist controlled traffic lights at Jubilee Avenue. CoB Reply: Translink to assist
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, motorized scooters and bicycles, motorized wheelchairs – all proceeding east and west on the path and sidewalk, beside very busy four-lane Imperial Street. CoB Reply: Transportation department to follow up
  • Motorized vehicles turning south on to Jubilee from east and west bound lanes of Imperial Street.
  • Motorized vehicles turning from Jubilee east and west on to Imperial Street.
  • Pedestrians and drivers accessing popular Foret restaurant, Metrotown recycling and other businesses on Jubilee.
  • No signage warning cyclists proceeding west along the BC Parkway path about cyclists and pedestrians approaching from the east along the south side of Imperial. Painted warnings on trail, and signposts needed.
  • Mixed pedestrian and cyclist use of sidewalk on the south side of Imperial between Jubilee and Central Boulevard.
  • Building doors open (hinging) directly on the sidewalk portion of the path.
  • Other obstacles include a refrigerator, large Burnaby garbage can, utility poles, wire rope anchors, concrete planters, sandwich boards, and miscellaneous steel posts, lamp standards and other installations – among other sidewalk obstructions.
  • No vertical bicycle signs posted or bicycle route or stencilled on sidewalk surface.
  • When it rains water pours down from the overhead SkyTrain route onto, and across the width of the sidewalk. A depression has formed in the tiled sidewalk from the repeated downpours. (Neither the president and CEO, nor SkyTrain, has replied to two personally delivered letters about this issue.)
Wiki and Google Drive Management
  • Tracking Spreadsheet (*)
    • Created and filled out tasks page
    • Created letter page
    • Created budget page
  • Wiki (*)
    • Getting Visual Editor Installed.
    • Investigating uploading .gpx file.
    • Josh still working on homepage redo. Trying to align more with North Shore page.