2023-04-06 Summary

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Meeting commenced 6:30 p.m.

  • Attendees in person at NVC Library:
    • Don Piercy - Chair
    • Paul Janzen - Vice Chair
    • Larry Wilson
    • Derrick Engels
    • Heather Drugge
    • Duncan Wilcock
    • Will Schuurman
  • Attendees on-line via Google Meets:
    • Laurie & Graham Parkinson
    • Martyn Schmoll
    • Peter Schofield
    • Chris Howorth
    • David Liou
    • Peter Richards
    • Roland Schigas
    • Fiona Welsh
    • Stephen Lake
      • 7 attendees in person, 10 online


Goals & Objectives

    • It was noted by Don that HUB has found the best approach in forwarding priorities is to submit a list with lesser priorities omitted as staffers and councillors generally commit to the easiest ones first.

Communications - via Twitter - Rueben, via Facebook - Heather, via Wiki IO - Don


    • Outdoor Safety and Emergency Preparedness Open House - Saturday, May 13, 11am-2pm, Argyle School.
    • Spring Go By Bike Week. - May 29th to June 4th
    • Cargo Bike Race - May 24. Duncan to coordinate with Roland C. and Sam ?


    • Lonsdale @ 23 fatality sparked a discussion on probabilities and risk mitigation. A presentation was provided by Will Schuurman he authored along with a contributor with qualifications in Mathematics from M.I.T. Link is here:
      • The data presented could be used to impact Vision Zero efforts and to create awareness of the heightened risk of death or injury for North Shore cyclists. It will be forwarded to HUB central for review and fact checking and brought forward at a future committee meeting.
      • The victim of this collision has not been identified. The possibility of furnishing a "ghost bike" at this location; therefore, was dismissed.
      • It was noted that there has not been any media followup on this tragic incident, nor is there generally in such cases. It was decided that our committee should make an effort to obtain coroner's and/or police reports of fatalities dating back two or more years such that we might make a determination of what actions we could promote to avert future fatalities.
    • It was proposed that the risk data and fatality findings be source material for a presentation to CNV council this (2023) fall dovetailing Active Transportation priorities with the City's commitment to Vision Zero. Link here:
    • Our next meeting, at which these subjects may be broached, is on April 28 with Mayor Buchanan.


    • Budget has now been passed with preservation of Active Transportation funding in large part due to HUB North Shore input.
      • There is a portion of the preserved funding that has not been allocated to specific projects so that we await word on which projects will be deferred.
      • We do know that $10M has been allocated to the Spirit trail extension to Deep Cove and it is anticipated that the remaining $10M required would come from federal funds.
    • Duncan's proposal for a cargo bike program at Lynn Valley library was APPROVED! $60K will now go toward the purchase of 4 cargo bikes at this location.

NS Daily Post article on e-bike lending program


    • Letter sent from HUB to council regarding proposed Active Transportation improvements on Marine Drive 26-31st Avenue.
      • It is hoped that in the absence of concrete separation this painted bike lane will at least have plastic delineators. Snow removal is an issue.
    • There was no reduction in Active Transportation funding in West Van budget; however, existing funding lags behind neighbouring municipalities.
    • The Hugo Ray connector will be extended westward in 2023.


    • Phase 1 of Phibbs exchange project has not been completed.Welcome imrovements are forthcoming thankfully as wayfaring signs and detour routes have not been adequate.


    • Programs have resumed starting with Canyon Heights in DNV.
    • There are 2 school programs: LTR - Learn to Ride (grades 4/5) and RTR - Ride the Road (grades 5/6) that teach safety.
    • CNV does not appear to have funded LTR programs this year. Paul will report back with specifics.
    • Funding also comes from Translink and a provincial program and is allocated on a case by case basis.


    • Group rides
      • Will S. will record a Go Pro video of the proposed route options of the Spirit Trail extension.
    • May Meeting
      • Will feature efforts to update the Motor Vehicle Act transforming it into the Safe Roads Act.

  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.