2023-03-02 Summary

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Meeting commenced 6:35 p.m. Attendees:

Chris Howorth Erika Rathje Jasper Tam Dana Bourgeoise Grace McEwan - 1st meeting Fiona Welsh Peter Schofield Jen Petersen - 1st meeting Graham & Laurie Parkinson - 1st meeting Larry Wilson Blair Barrington Martyn Schmoll Eric Gadot Anderson (Blue Ridge Community Association) - 1st meeting Paul Stott Duncan Wilcock Paul Janzen Don Piercy Sophia Hunter Derrick Engels

12 attendees in person, 8 online

Meeting commenced 6:32 pm

  • CNV
    • Marine/Main transit extension funding from translating means new infrastructure on 3rd street East west of Cotton/Low Level road diversion.
      • Sophia provided details but they are not generally available at this time
      • Painted bike lanes for north side and joint bus/bike shared lane on south.
      • Delineators to be added on north side.
      • Graham and Laurie Parkinson suggested an "off ramp" for access to the Spirit trail from south side.
    • The Casano overpass is scheduled for completion in 2024.
    • Tony Valente has left the ITC committee to be replaced by councillor Jessica McIlroy.
  • DNV
    • 2023-2027 Budget deferrals will be addressed at next council meeting. Everyone encouraged to attend Monday March 6 at 5 pm. Otherwise e-mail budget@dnv.ca with your input.
      • Martyn pointed out each 1% increase in the budget provides DNV with an additional $1.1 million.
      • Erika pointed out City of Van is boosting taxes @ 10+% vs DNV proposedcincrease of 4.5%.
      • Several attendees pointed out that budget reductions mean deviation from the regions Official Community Plan.
      • Paul S. pointed out that construction costs have inflated above 30% YTY.
      • In the future councillor votes on motions will be published.
      • Don provided a spreadsheet he created outlining how the deferred budget would affect priority infrastructure projects.

  • Proposed Blueridge trail
    • Eric G.A. pointed out many cyclists frequent the area to access MTB trails. Traffic and parking along Berkely Avenue are issues at crime times.
    • The Blueridge Community association is exploring 2 goals:
      • A trail paralleling Berkely that would give access to the MTB trails.
      • A trail route from Blueridge to Parkgate.
    • Discussion ensued surrounding the issues in crossing over lands held by numerous title holders.

  • Library Bikes
    • Duncan introduced the concept of cargo bikes as a pilot at one DNV library location.
    • He has had exploratory meeting with library staff to explore the idea and funding opportunities.
    • Concept has worked in other jurisdictions.
  • DWV
    • Paul S. and Peter outlined prospects for an extended Spirit trail through to Horseshoe Bay.
    • Drawings were made available for the project along Marine Drive through to and including 31 Street/Westview route.
    • Lanes for the above were judged to be non compliant with AAA standards.
    • A meeting is forthcoming with DWV staff at which it is hoped the option of delineators will be added.
    • Council votes on the above project April 3.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.