2022-01-06 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee regular meetings will be held online using Zoom, on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Everybody is welcome.

Online conference call at https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85326713256?pwd=UUNtTGx4NVBSL2FXcFVXY1dVS1pNZz09

By phone: call 778-907-2071, Meeting ID: 853 2671 3256, Passcode: 406068
One tap mobile: +17789072071,,85326713256#,,,,*406068#


  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions

Public Input/Consultations

  • Public input is critical when Council and Staff make trade-offs and decisions. Please make sure your voice is heard!!

Goals & Objectives

  • 2021 Goals Setting
  • Review of progress in 2021 & brainstorm ideas for 2022
    • Implementation of 3 top priority Bikeways
      • Get council's to approve prioritized, multi-year Active Transportation infrastructure plans
      • Ensure new infrastructure designs are AAA early in the design stage so it can be improved if necessary.
    • Establish communications with community stakeholders re Bikeways.

City of North Vancouver - Nadia

CNV Key Contacts & Staff Meetings

  • HUB’s primary contact: Brandon Green
  • Next meeting with staff: TBD

Esplanade Complete Street

  • Construction is currently underway between Lonsdale and St Georges and between Mahon and Chesterfield.
    • Between Lonsdale & St Georges:
      • Bike lanes are maintained in both directions through the work area
    • Between Mahon & Chesterfield:
      • Bike lanes will be maintained eastbound through the work area
      • Cyclists travelling westbound will be directed to merge with traffic for a half block between Chesterfield and Semisch. An optional detour is available by travelling north on Chesterfield to 1st Street.
  • Information can be found at www.cnv.org/ecs
    • Any comments/questions can be directly sent to Mo Bot at ecs@cnv.org

Brooksbank Avenue

  • Since the lanes initially went in, the City installed a no right turn on red sign and changed the signal phasing to have an advanced walk for pedestrians

Moody Avenue

  • Poles & lights are in, but still covered.

Community Wellbeing Strategy

St Andrews Safety Improvements

CNV Mobility Strategy

  • Staff recently presented the Draft Mobility Strategy to Council
  • “When finished, it will be the playbook that guides decisions about how we plan, design, operate, maintain and invest in our transportation system today and over the next decade, in order to best respond to current and emerging needs, issues and opportunities.”
  • Located here (in the Dec 13 Agenda Pack, starting on pg.123): link
  • Hub to provide our feedback in early 2022.

Waterfront Transportation Network Survey

  • Survey closed on December 10th
  • Targeted towards people who live, work or visit the City’s waterfront
  • Some comments regarding cycling: more bike parking, better/clearer bike routes (wayfinding signage with destinations, pavement markings), separation of walking & cycling, slower car speeds,car free areas (e.g. in front of the art gallery at Lonsdale/Carrie Cates

ITC - Dana & Jonathan

District of North Vancouver - Fred/Don

  • Meeting last week, next one in Late November
    • Nov-8: Transportation workshop for Council:
      • Slow Streets investigation proposal
      • Upper LV Rd next steps - deferred to next year
  • Tatlow + W15th
    • Mostly completed - Asked for traffic measurement results - whole DNV report due in Jan 2022.
    • Working on design for the connection on Marine between Capilano Rd and Garden. Hope to build next spring.
  • Arborlyn Connector
    • requested schedule update

  • Capilano Rd/Highway Underpass MOTI project
    • budget request for a joint design with MoTI in 2022
    • Investigating replace the barriers in Phillips tunnel with fence at south end (on DNV roadway) to make entry to Phillips Ave safer
  • Other
    • Wayfinding signage - Lower Lynn Ph 1/2/4 designs done, Ph3 (main/dollarton) - underway.

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter/Mike

24 November meeting with Jim Bailey, Director of Planning and Development Services

Cyprus Village Phase 2 engagement

  • At the 6 December Council meeting, it was decided to proceed to the next phase (3). Here are the following cycling-related suggestions in the report:
    • Consider separating cycling paths from walking paths and vehicular traffic.
    • Preserve as many of the existing mountain biking trails as possible.
    • Consider the interface between the proposed multi-use path above the 1200’ contour and existing mountain biking trails.
    • Commit to subsequent process(es) to formalize, plan for, build, and manage mountain biking trails (in the proposed mountain biking area in Cypress Village and above the 1200’ contour).

E-bike incentive program

  • passed unanimously at 6 December meeting
    • Council directed staff to report back to Council in the first quarter of 2022, regarding the launching of a District of West Vancouver e-bike financial incentive pilot program; and
    • Staff was directed to explore a North Shore wide program with staff at the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver.

New multi-purpose Mountain Path

  • 2 km section with trestle opened on 3 December (photo attached)

MOTI - Don/Jonathan

  • Lower Lynn Interchanges - Monthly meeting -
    • Mountain Hwy Interchange
      • Have asked for protection for Northbound on Mtn-Hwy at south intersection - MoTI will add next year.
    • Mt Seymour parkway/Keith Interchange
      • Bike Infrastructure completed - DNV wayfinding signage should go up in next month or so
    • Main-Dollarton interchange
      • IWMB west sidewalk finally reopened!
      • new 4m MUP on south side of main-dollarton open
      • new access ramps to existing tunnel on north side underway, complete by new year
    • Phibbs exchange upgrade
      • Requested changes to bikelanes on Orwell.
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study: Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Still waiting for draft report - by end of year?
  • BC Economic Recovery funding -
    • have asked to see and share final designs, next year maybe?
  • Cycling Gaps project
    • Provided comments on draft of MoTI's Gap's list.
    • Next paste will be prioritization, no dates yet.
  • Small projects - maintenance issues
    • Meet with MoTI's Operations Mgr Oct 14th
    • Phillips ave Tunnel barriers - looking to make changes, but best option will require DNV and local resident buy in.
    • Will consider Repairs to Paths between Cap bridg , North interchange and Phillips tunnel in 2022
    • Cypress Bowl Road - MoTI are gathering information. We and others have suggested reallocation of 1 uphill lane during non-ski season.
    • HSB & Exit 0

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/Giacomo/Paul


  • Communications = Paul, Antje, Giacomo, Heather
    • let us know if there is something we should communicate about - blocked bike lanes, new infrastructure, etc.

Translink - Antje

  • Secure bike parking at Lonsdale Quay