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2021 Cycling Infrastructure Improvements. - !!!Draft!!!

By Don Piercy, Chair, HUB Cycling North Shore Committee

At a High Level some important progress was made:

  • CNV: a abc strategy was completed {add link} & multi-year construction plan released {add link to map}
  • DNV: Cycling Infrastructure plan was update {add link}, with plans to complete many sections from our top priorities routes over the next couple of years.
  • DWV: Though completion of the Strategic Transportation Plan was delayed into 2023, we have been included as a Strategic Stakeholder
  • MoTI: The Highway 1 North Shore Corridor study included may of Cycling improvements suggested by HUB as top Priorities and we provided extensive input into MoTI's "Cycling Gaps" report and hope to see prioritization of these in the 2023.

In addition, 2021 saw the completion of a fair number of cycling infrastructure projects. Some were major and included key portions of our priority bikeways, while others were short stretches, often disconnected (generally these were "opportunistic", taking advantage of redevelopment or other projects to build cycling infrastructure cheaply).

Some major ones:

  • DWV:
    • Bridge over Capilano River


  • MoTI:
    • Lower Lynn Interchanges {pictures}
  • DNV:
    • W 15th St (Tatlow to McKay Creek)


  • CNV:
    • Brooksbank: (Main to Keith)


Full list of North Shore infrastructure projects completed in 2021 with some details.

Click on the map to view interactive version, then click on a segment for details

Click on the Map to explore an interactive version with more information.

Looking forward to 2022:

  • CNV:
    • Construction of protected bikelanes on Esplanade is underway
    • St Andrews (a to Keith)
    • abc
  • DNV:
    • Paisley (Capilano Rd to Ridgewood)
    • Hunter St Bridge (Lower Lynn creek)
    • one side of 400 block of lower Mountain Highway
    • Arborlynn connector (Mtn Hwy, Hwy1 to Arborlynn)
    • Marine Dr (LG Bridge to Garden)
  • DWV:
    • Marine Dr (LG Bridge to Garden)
  • MoTI/TransLink:
    • Phibbs Exchange (2023-24)

Overall, we had slow but steady progress on both the Strategic and Implementation levels. Looking forward 2022 is a municipal election year and asdfasdfasdfasdf. With the increased funding for active transportation from Federal and Provincial governments combined with municipal implementation we see steady progress towards more comforatable and safer cycling options on the north shore.