2019-12-12 Minutes

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Present: Don, Jay, Fred, Tammy, Peter T., Martyn, Peter S., Fiona, Erika, Antje, Dave P.

Goals & Objectives


  • Signed and sent thank you cards for our partners including photos of 2019 improvements
  • Meetings with MLAs schedule
  • Cycling Without Age Trishaws -
    • Encouraging all to make a donation in the name of "HUB North Shore" (in the "company name/group" field)
  • HUB HQ is looking for nominations for 2019 Best Bike Infrastructure Awards.
  • All Committee Meeting
    • State of Cycling still under review / negotiation with municipalities regarding (re)classifications of their networks.
  • Group rides / assessment rides proposed - these could include orientation rides for those new to cycling who are unfamiliar with the routing.

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Esplanade Protected Bike Lanes.
    • A new protected bike lane will be ready shortly along the Promenade development. This design has room for sidewalk, trees, bike lane, trees then car lane. there will be a textured surface separating the sidewalk and bike lane (similar to Carrall St approaching Expo Blvd in Vancouver) with the street trees between the bike lane and the curb. It will set the precedent for any new lanes.
    • A design concept for Esplanade was presented to ITC Oct 2 - HUB has asked for a copy to review.
    • Heather and Don looked at opportunities to retrofit Esplanade potentially with a surface sidewalk reallocation and tactile strips separating pedestrians.
    • See http://gispublic.cnv.org/apps/bline.html for more detail on design related to B-Line changes
    • It has its own project budget due to $5m price tag and complexity
    • Timeline: Consultation and design: 2020, construction: 2021
    • See November 4 council meeting package for staff report https://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings
    • Thank you to those who wrote letters
  • Priority Corridors for AAA Mobility Lanes passed
    • Council to direct staff to proceed with the phased implementation of the Recommended Priority Corridors, following the Planning and Implementation Strategy process, as outlined in the report; planning and design for these priority AAA mobility lane corridors to consider opportunities to accommodate the needs and abilities for other non- pedestrian and non-auto modes of travel, including e-bikes, scooters and skateboards.
    • Short term route plans overlap reasonably well with HUB NS priorities. We gave our input to staff on the priority routes including the need to fill gaps and to prioritize routes in the densest areas (most potential)
  • New Mosquito Creek Bridge there will be wide sidewalks for peds and cyclists and a pathway underneath to connect to the trail, though with the off Marine bike route, the Marine Drive bike lanes are not likely to stay and some recent changes indicate this. ** Marine Dr Mosquito Creek Bridge
  • Mackay MUP A wide MUP has been constructed on top of the dyke being built for flood mitigation and there will also apparently be bike lanes on both sides with parked car buffers in places. As of last ride, incomplete striped bike lanes and the MUP itself had not yet been finished. Road was in poor condition next to the unpaved part of the MUP. Connection to other side of Marine remains to be seen.
  • Green Necklace on 23rd MUP An awkward baffle / bollard configuration has been installed in front of a daycare facility in response to cycling speeds and conflicts. HUB has expressed concerns in the past regarding MUP design and the potential for conflicts. It was noted that the Green Necklace was more of a parks initiative and recent designs put forward by engineering staff are more receptive to our concerns.
  • Integrated Transportation Committee -
    • How do we get HUB representative on this committee - appointments start 1-Feb-2020 for 2 years
    • We need a representative to attend these monthly meetings
    • Brent Hillier is currently on it.
    • Erika has applied to Climate and Environment Advisory Task force for which zero emissions transportation is a topic

District of North Vancouver - Jay/Giacomo/Ryan

  • Issues tracker: [2]
  • 29th Street protected bike lanes (Tempe Cres to Lynn Valley Rd)
    • Buffered bike lanes in with dual separation stripe from William to Fromme.
  • Lynn Valley Town Centre infrastructure
    • MUP being planned between Kirkstone Park and Emery Place as part of development - see online survey and provide comments [3]
    • protected bike lanes being completed through new "Town Centre Connector" extension of E29th from Lynn Valley Road to E27th - will need to wait for Safeway redevelopment to complete entire gap
    • protected bike lanes being completed for E27th from Mountain to "Town Centre Connector" and future "Creek to Peak" bikeway - will need to wait for Safeway redevelopment to complete entire gap
  • Targeted OCP Review
    • Phase 2 consultation to begin Spring 2020 [4]
  • Weekly Traffic Bulletin
    • Updated every Friday on DNV website and highlights not only construction closures / work zones but the purpose of the closures (i.e. new bike lanes, sidewalks etc) [5]
  • Next meeting with Staff- January 9, 2020 (same location just before committee meeting)
    • follow up on feedback provided for "Low Level" and "Creek to Peak" route options A and E. Note that some of the work will focus on the City section through Loutet area.
    • enhanced sharrows or other options along Main Street work zone westbound.
    • discuss alignment on 2020 upcoming work.
  • MOTI integration
    • need to understand MOTI plans for Lower Lynn next phases and how we can close remaining gaps along Main and Dollarton.
    • pursue gap closure options for Lions Gate Bridge to McGuire / W 15th bike route.
    • obtain GIS info around Hugo Ray connector and how the connection into DNV can be improved.
  • Seymour Estates redevelopment (Mount Seymour Parkway and Lytton) - potential to push for better infrastructure along frontage [6] The developer is planning to provide a large bike room at grade with secure enclosures for bikes.
  • 20 in 20 updates: District has nominated their use of dual painted buffers to separate bike lanes from traffic.
  • Pathway lighting on E Keith / Fern east of Lower Mountain - lights are not on in early evening darkness - email sent to DNV

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter

  • Some of the new wayfinding decision and confirmation signs have been installed on the MUPs at the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge.
  • Connection between Capilano Pacific Regional Trail at Woodcroft and Keith Rd at 3rd St is under construction with switchbacks and a maximum slope of 4% grade.
  • Two different DWV bike rack prototypes have been constructed, reviewed and one (whale tail) has been accepted and the other (mountain peaks) has been modified and is being reviewed again.
  • Letter dated 29 November has been sent to DWV Engineering expressing concerns over Spirit Trail speed management humps and suggesting an alternative route for cyclists.
  • Letter dated 23 November has been sent to Mayor and Council,t expressing thanks for the Hugo Ray Connector, describing our safe bikeway vision and offering to be involved in a planned new transportation plan.
  • HUB delegation to brief Mayor and Council on 3-Bikeway strategy and other HUB priorities is scheduled for Feb 10.
  • DWV priorities for 2020 include protected bike paths along the south side of Marine Drive between Taylor Way and municipal boundary to dovetail with N.Van bike paths at Lions Gate Village and 15th/Tatlow.
  • Welch St Bridge/Spirit Trail improvement (by Park Royal) pending implementation timetable agreement between Squamish Nation and Park Royal who are meeting this month.

Communications & Outreach - Heather/Antje/James/Martyn

  • Channels
    • Yahoo Group -
    • Twitter - Antje sends out local news
    • FaceBook - Heather started open Facebook group
    • HUB membership (NS) possible monthly newsletter
  • Communications
    • Upcoming HUB Events & meetings
    • Current cycling news & NS Issues
    • Publicizing opportunities to provide input (Public meetings, online surveys, ...)
    • Request for support of improvements & projects
    • Annual committee update - Don
  • How to expand our reach & effectiveness
    • Other groups - Cycle clubs, NSMBA
    • Local media (NS News & Global Canadian)
    • Any other ideas
    • Presentations to Councils, business groups(BIA), schools? ...
  • Recruiting "interested but concerned" people
    • Membership coordinator?
    • Update the HUB-NS recruiting card
    • adopt-a-gap
    • reach out to people who cc us on letters/emails to governments.
  • Create a library of good/bad infrastructure on the North Shore
    • Need a volunteer(s) and a list of locations.

BC Ferries - Peter S

  • HSB Terminal input now closed. Our key issues:
    • Access to Ticket Booths from both Highway and Spirit Trail
    • Holding areas for Cyclists
    • Protected Bikepath from terminal to Exit 0 (Spirit Trail) and also to Highway shoulder
  • Interisland Ferry design consultation just starting - need link

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • e-Bikes on Buses
  • Bike parking at Exchanges.

MOTI - Antje/Giacomo/Jay

  • Mountain Highway Interchange
    • Interim intersection complete, pathway complete to Shavington on west side, underpass to Lynnmouth cul-de-sac paved but finishing works underway.
    • We provided final input on remaining issues to project manager Jay Porter including dismount signage at north intersection.
    • It is clear HUB will need to escalate issues relating to cyclist dismount signage and other legal / regulatory issues with the province through the Motor Vehicle Act reforms. It is not in an individual project manager's discretion to change these.
    • Bollards have sprouted in somewhat awkward locations. It is understood a walk through will be planned with DNV staff who are also looking at wayfinding signage upgrades.
  • Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
    • Fencing gaps have been closed. No response to our letter on this and other maintenance issues nor any changes to wayfinding.
  • Lower Lynn Interchanges next phases
    • Provided marked up comments to Jay Porter on Phases 1 through 4 signage and pavement marking plans. Key concerns are dismount locations northbound Mountain Highway at project limit and two-stage crossing of Dollarton Ramp.
    • Keith Road / Fern Detour comments provided to Jay Porter from MLA Ma who had difficulty navigating the detour to cross via Lynn Creek underpass. It is understood some of the signage may have gone missing but Jay P. to review and look at opportunities for better guidance.
  • Hwy 1 North Shore Corridor Study Lynn Valley to Horseshoe Bay
    • Review and update priority improvements in MOTI jurisdiction. See interchange comments in DNV and DWV sections.

Schools - Tammy/Martyn

  • Presented at the North Shore Safety Council meeting Dec-4 about HUB's School Education programs that are available.
    • The presentation was well received.
    • Want to include bike education as part of curriculum.
    • Although there is strong support from CNV, DNV appears to lack representation.

Developers - Fred/Don

  • Cap Mall redevelopment - Initial Public comments -
    • requesting secure and dry bike parking for shoppers and safe convenient parking for residents.
    • considered an Oakridge style underground storage but water table too low in this area.
    • potential to break up the mass of mall and enhance through connectivity for bikes.
    • will have a meeting with developers in January.
  • TRC Maplewood Plaza mixed use development.
    • 75 long term residential/commercial bike parking/storage
    • 6 short term bike parking
    • Developer very receptive to concept of a secure bike room on EACH floor of building similar to adjacent Maplewood Plaza project already approved.