2019-03-14 Agenda

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HUB North Shore Committee holds regular meetings at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on the second Thursday of every month. Everybody is welcome. The meetings are at the North Vancouver City Library (14th/Lonsdale) in the Don Preston Boardroom (2nd floor).

  • Agenda additions
  • Introductions

North Shore eBike share

2019 Objectives

  • 3 Top Priority Bikeways + Active Transportation Coordinator
    • Draft of Presentation to be shared with all North Shore Councils & MLAs - Don
    • Liaisons to discuss with municipal staff and get feedback/agreement
    • Liaisons to prepare Agenda for meetings with Mayors & Councillors
  • How do we measure progress on these goals?


  • Cycling without Age initiative - Don McPherson
  • RAC meeting - Jay
    • White papers in progress will be available on committee resources page
    • Translink Regional Transportation Strategy update upcoming consultation
    • MOTI meeting with planning department - numerous issues with staff / project continuity impacting progress at closing gaps
    • State of Cycling - data analysis being finalized, getting pushback on criteria from smaller munis who are concerned about losing bike network classifications, response is the project is not about making munis look good but about safety for users
    • BC Parkway - reviewing feasibility of Langley extension
    • Need new RAC rep from North Shore due to work conflicts
  • HUB Training on NATCO Guidelines - Heather, Paul, Fred & Don attended
  • BC Active Transport Strategy - Please provide your comments
  • Meeting with MLA Bowinn Ma - Don, Antje & Erika - Mar 15
    • MVA act update to Safe Road Act
    • Our goals and how they fit into INSTPP

Events - Lora

City of North Vancouver - Erika/Heather

  • Highlights from Feb 11 meeting
  • ITC - Fiona
    • Casano – Loutet Overpass - detailed design 60% done, built in late 2019. requesting bike BC funding
    • Marine Dr Mosquito Creek Bridge - includes protected bike lanes at the sidewalks in two directions, start in March, finish in Fall
  • Next meeting -
    • B-Line changes to include 2 sections of off street bikepath: 1) On Third Street along Moodyville Park moving east on the south side 2) from Gladstone to Brooksbank on the southside only. Sent a Letter to Mayor, Council and Staff regarding support for B-Line in general, but also asking for safe bike routes. The route includes Esplanade which really needs fixing.
    • Don and Heather responded to a request for comment from CBC regarding the death of the person cycling along Esplanade. When we get the details, we will think about a HUB response.
    • We have requested monthly meetings with staff (but have not heard back)
    • Attended the INSTPP meeting with TransLink and MLA Bowinn Ma. Many pro-cycling people in the room.
  • CNV response re collision on Green Necklace - http://wiki.bikehub.ca/northshore/images/9/93/CNV_response_re_collision_on_Green_Necklace.pdf

District of North Vancouver - Antje/Jay/Giacomo

  • no February meeting
    • new wayfinding signage - receipt of comments acknowledged for LLTC to LVTC proposed routing and wayfinding - no ETA for staff completion
    • Cycling & Work Zones - receipt of comments acknowledged
    • NV Bike masterplan update - RFP for consultants released - to follow up
  • Provided comments on 1st / Mackay buffered bike lanes - to follow up
  • Bike BC funding support request re: 29th Avenue. Letter of support provided - to follow up with conditions for future requests to staff (i.e. must be AAA, preferred on our priority routes).
  • Next meeting - April

District of West Vancouver - Paul/Peter

  • B-Line controversy
  • Proposed Upper Level Multi-use Path
  • 2019/20 active transportation budget update
  • 13 Feb update from John Calimente, DWV Transportation Planning Analyst
    • North Shore e-bike share RFP underway - 1st pilot will be a docking system along Marine Drive corridor, Dundarave to and up Lonsdale, possibly also a dock at Grouse Mountain.
    • Hugo Ray connector - Capilano Bridge to 3rd Street on Hwy 1 - waiting for a permit from MoTI.
    • 3rd and Mathers ave to Taylor Way - draft design has been sent to MoTI.
    • Capilano Pacific Trail improvement up to Keith Road - draft design is with MoTI and Purchasing - TransLink funding - construction will take 3-4 weeks.
    • Wayfinding at the north end of Lions Gate Bridge - we will get to comment on the latest iteration.
    • Welch Street Bridge sidewalk widening - the plan is with Squamish Nation - Park Royal wants it finished before the busy summer season - widening will be completed before finalizing approach at the east end.
    • Royal Avenue Horseshoe Bay - on hold because only enough money for the 1st of 3 phases of the streetscape plan.
    • Bike racks for Ambleside and Dundarave - funds are available - design of the racks is being considered whether to adopt a standard or some kind of custom design.

Translink - Fred/Antje

  • e-Bikes on Buses - Update on HUB HQ discussions with TransLink
  • Bike parking at Exchanges: Space for future at Lonsdale Quay & Phibbs (also space for bike share)

MOTI - Giacomo/Antje

  • Fencing sidewalks to Lions Gate Bridge (north end)