Tricities Meeting agenda Mar 7th 2017

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7 PM, 7 March 2017 Coquitlam Library, City Centre Branch 1169 Pinetree Way (by Lincoln Skytrain station)

  • Update from Meredith and Jack re. meeting with Poco reps on how to spend their cycling budget
  • Fraser Mills development. Apparently they submitted a modified plan to council in December... Let's make sure we are on top of this
  • Eagleridge Hospital foundation ride on May 6th.
  • Ungap the map
    • Andrew has scored our highest priority gaps as named in December --- we need to score the rest
  • Update from Andrew re. PoMo cycling plan
    • Original recommendation : THAT the Master Transportation Plan as presented in the report dated February 13, 2017 from Engineering and Operations Department – Transportation Division regarding Master Transportation Plan – Final Report be endorsed;AND THAT staff be directed to present the Master Transportation Plan to the Finance Committee for identification of a funding source; AND THAT, following approval of funding by the Finance Committee, staff report back to Council with a 2017-2018 implementation plan and detailed project priority assessment.
    • Endorsement didn't work out: some Councillors didn't like the fact that they had never seen a complete draft of the plan before, and were only able to provide input on a series of discussion papers
    • Minutes: [1] (page 7 of this agenda)
    • Video [2] (warning: long)
    • Carried motion : that staff make amendments to the plan as discussed at that meeting and present the results at a regular council meeting
  • Looks like MUP improvements are going in this year on Murray Street in Port Moody along the entrance to Rocky Point Park
    • Short series of slides here [3]
    • AH's take, in absentia: This doesn't look too exciting for transportation cyclists but it provides a decent link with the Murray Street MUP that comes from Ioco Road. Previously this path petered out into the Rocky Point parking lot and now it's connected with the overpass. The overpass doesnt go anywhere yet, but we can dream...
  • Any update from Jack re. Andres site developments?
  • AOB


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