Tricities Meeting agenda Feb 7th 2017

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7 PM, 7 Feb 2017 Coquitlam Library, City Centre Branch

  • Update from Jack Trumley concerning Westport Village/ Andres Wines development
  • Review email from Ellie Lambert re. Sapperton Green development
  • Update from Meredith regarding PoCo Engineering’s plans for connections to the Evergreen Line
  • Discuss the HUB Brunette Working Group’s submission to the MOT File:HUB Cycling submission concerning the Brunette Interchange project.pdf
  • UnGap the Map update
  • News from Andrew: no more Port Moody Transportation Committee
  • Announcement from Leon Lebrun regarding the TCT25 Great Trail Adventures Program for Canada 150 – March 1 to September 30.
  • Update regarding PoCo funding for 2017
  • Ellie Lambert wants to know what gaps on our list are our priorities for the coming year, and what HUB can do to support us in gaining traction on them.
    • Let’s prepare a short list
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