Tricities Meeting Agenda May 7th 2019

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Minutes from this meeting

Time and place

7 PM, Coquitlam library Central branch, next to Lincoln Skytrain.

Meetings are (almost) always on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM, at this location.

Agenda items

  1. Guildford update from Colleen, Marc + Leon
  2. Riverview update. File:Interesting 2019 riverview mup feasibility study.pdf
  3. Expanding the scope of our committee to Belcarra and Anmore. Colleen has been doing a great job looping them in unofficially, perhaps we should try to expand our formal designation.
  4. 2019 Port Moody Community Fair update (Saturday, June 15, 2019 from 11am–3pm)
  5. 2019 PoCo Rivers and Trails Festival File:2019 Poco RT Festival Invitation.pdf
  6. 20 in 20 Infrastructure Challenge update [| Spreadsheet is here]
  7. Let's find a new co-chair. I (Andrew H.) am thinking about retiring as chair (not necessarily as secretary).
  8. Update from Colleen about correspondence with local municipalities
  9. Port Moody update from Scott
  10. Open action items
  11. Any other business
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