Tricities Meeting Agenda March 3rd 2020

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Minutes from this meeting

Time and place

7 PM, Coquitlam library Central branch, next to Lincoln Skytrain.

Meetings are (almost) always on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM, at this location.

Agenda items

  1. Mission reflection
  2. Jack Trumley's departure. Let's plan on how to keep relationships with Coquitlam established.
  3. 2020 Action Plan [1]
  4. Infrastructure Successes for 2019 [2]
  5. HUB Bike Awards follow up
  6. Burquitlam parkade follow up
  7. Sheep Paddock Trail article follow up [3]
  8. HUB Board Meeting follow up
    1. Coquitlam River bridge update
    2. City of Vancouver VanConnect [4]
  9. State of Cycling project is complete [5]
  10. 2020 20 in 20
    1. 2019 spreadsheet: [6]
    2. Location is a must. Dragana's app is perfect for this.
    3. Photo of the location and problem are a must. Please send photos to for insertion in the spreadsheet.
    4. Focus on relationship building and getting the ball rolling, rather than getting great big problems fixed.
    5. Requests must meet the 20/20 criteria - small fixes that do not need a capital budget - things like cleaning up a trail, small repairs like a broken bollard, tree trimming. 20 simple tasks that can be done in 20 days.
    6. Our requests last year were a bit too large hence they weren't completed. Let's let the cities meet with success.
  11. Metro Van ferry survey [7]
  12. Metro Van Climate 2050 survey [8]
  13. Highland Games volunteers
  14. Any other business?
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